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  1.  Good fun


    for a start...single player, i don't like it. i don't like the unrealistic fact that although you are all snipered up with your special suit and your sat miles away from the target, if you sneeze the whle world knows where you are and sprays you with led...bad single player..naughty...maybe if they realsed a second version in may be greatly improved but people expect more from todays game and it doesn't cut it.

    Multiplayer on the other hand is quite good fun. it isn't the best but it is addictive and i can't deny that i have spent several hours sniping the multiplayer maps. it makes a nice change to the manic fields of battlefield 2..a top game by the way...and is replaced by a nice bit of camping...scoping and head shots...good fun. :)

  2.  Great Great game!!


    yup, i pretty much have to agree with the majority of people here and rate the game 5 stars and call it amazing. Graphically superb in HD, the muscle defanition on the horses is really impressive, the landscape, the towns, the way the mouth of the charrecters actually moves in sync with what they are saying, forming the correct OOOO's and FFFFFFF's, which is just great to see in a game. the sound could be better, but this doesn't effect the game play at all so it is all good, and the voice acting is really good, very well played out.


    if you buy it, maybe i'll see you further on up the track....

  3.  Predtacular!!


    why do people have the need to comment on DEMOS. the demo is a taste of things to come, so don't write a game off...or on for that matter based on the experiance of the demo. Yes it took a while to load, but it is a demo. When you are the predator you do have a health gauge, it is at the bottom right of the screen and kind of blended in with the pred's HUD, on the right is the pred's energy gauge. you also have heath packs for pred and marine while aliens regenerate health slowly after a battle.

    this game is something different, new and freash, the game modes are going to be awsome, the maps will be awsome as will the weapons and choice of playable characters. once you have mastered the controls for each group, marine, alien and pred, you will be loving it.

    i was first put off by the radical control system, but then you realise it is not that complicatd...just different. full game out in 2 weeks today and i will be getting!

  4.  Points


    Daviduk calculation is incorrect and shows that we get 124 points per pound spent, not the other way around -

    2100 / 16.99 = 1.24

    This has actually given us how many points you purchase per pound.

    The more helpful calculation is this:

    (16.99 / 2100) x 100 = £0.81

    This gives us how much it costs for 100 points. As all XBLA products are sold in multiples of 100, having this ratio gives us a much clearer picture of how much a game costs if it is 800, 1200 or even 2000 points, and helps us show how much we spent to purchase the points. buying 4200 would be cheaper than buying 2 lots of 2100 and so a calulation can be made to see how much we have spent per 100 points using the above math.

    ta :)

  5.  Destructatstic!!


    i would highly recommend this game. it has a GTA feel about it with the EDF in control of parts and an alert level that increase the longer you blow up the EDF guys. eherything, apart from the moutains, blows up, falls down, explodes or dies. running around with a gun that shoots out nanos that melts metal and humans alike is just fantastic, and as for the singularity bomb.......pfffft!!!!!

    all in all - great fun to play, good story line, great weapons and vehicles. a must fr any collection!