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  1.  It is done


    Loved the Call of Duty franchise and have owned all of them from the first game on PC to the latest on the PS3...

    loved MW2 and still do
    Black ops left me with a bad taste
    MW3 is simply shocking...
    the champaign is OK, but a little boring, yet decent graphics, but online this game performs like a pig! Google Lag Compensation.. to see why your online gaming experience is awful if you have a high bandwidth tinterweb connection!.. disgusting what they have done to this game

    COD and MW is done for me..

  2.  truly great


    As some one who played Warhammer as a kid, this was my PS3 wet dream, so it was a given that i was going to buy it.

    But I have to say that this game is truly amazing and you do not have to be an old Games Workshop geek to enjoy it.

    The graphics are fantastic, the story brilliant and it addictive as hell.

    I summed this up as follows to a friend..

    It is God of War meets COD, with a smattering of Uncharted and more gore than Dead Space could dream of!

    10 out of 10 from me

  3.  rip off!


    while a lot of people who have reviewed this product clearly like it, i do not...

    As a game, the missions are feeling stale and nothing to write home about. Playing the game with the wii zapper (or cheaper and better alternatives) adds a new experience to FPS games.. but the novelty soon wears off.

    my biggest problem is the lack of local multilayer. Yes the online multiplayer game is ok... but the whole point of the wii is that it is a party console.. get your mates around and have a laugh type of console. But the complete lack of a split screen mode makes COD WaW pointless... its the best part of the game! My copy will be going up for sale on Monday...

    Gutted that CoD for the Wii is rubbish!