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  1.  Awesome and easy to follow guide


    An awesome guide if you're going for all the trophies as it is very detailed and well written. Easy to follow and is very light in comparison to some other strategy guides. Definitely a must-buy if you're going for the 1000G or platinum trophy.

  2.  Absolutely terrible


    This is just a plain awful game. Seriously. In a year where Killzone 2, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed II and Batman Arkham Asylum are all released comes this heap. Avoid at all costs unless you want an easy platinum.

  3.  Monkey Magic


    I remember playing the demo and enjoying it so I was excited about gettting a lend of it. I didn't start it for a while but when I did, I was hooked. An awesome action packed adventure with an immersive story and lovable characters. You play as a brutish loner called Monkey who is tasked with keeping a young "tech-savvy" woman called Trip alive until she returns to her home community as they were both captured by slavers, hence the game's title, "Enslaved". Along the way you'll fight off mechs, huge robot dogs who are the product of a mysterious company called Pyramid who were responsible for the post-apocalyptic world that the game is set in. The game's world is beautiful. Towards the end you meet Pigsy, who is a perverted pig. No, really. The story is fantastic, filled with plot twists, shocks, action and romance, there really is something for everyone. I managed to achieve the platinum trophy in this game too which was very pleasing. The trophies aren't hard, per-se but there are some that will test your skill. The collectibles are cool but can get very tedious, very fast. The ending was awesome, definitely one of the best I've seen in a while but the epilogue was average. I honestly can't rate this game high enough and recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Uncharted or Prince of Persia games. I hope and pray that a sequel is is contention as this is a game that deserves to have one. Overall, I would say that this is one of, if not the best original IP of 2010.

  4.  Fantastic animated prequel


    I was about half way through the game when I watched this and it made me want to finish it even more. Has a great story and in some parts, quite eerie. Overall, a great animated prequel to a great survival horror game which I completely recommend to everyone.

  5.  A real disappointment


    Being a fan of the movies and the first Force Unleashed game, I was really looking forward to playing the sequel. It started off well and had the real good Star Wars feel that the first one didn't but then as the game progressed it just became a boring, generic hack 'n' slash. I was really looking forward to seeing Yoda and Boba Fett in the game and was sorely let down when I realised that they had minor parts in it. I was expecting a boss battle against Boba at least but nothing. The story was predictable and failed to keep me wanting more. Some highlights of the game was the Gorgon fight and the ending, when it ended. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this, not even to Star Wars fans.

  6.  "Shaken, not stirred"


    Having loved Quantum of Solace and a fan of the movies, I was looking forward to trying the game out. The prologue mission gives you a real taste of what the game is going to be like with exotic locales, high octane action and the classic Bond car chases although it's a boat in the prologue. The graphics are top notch, a bit like the Quantum of Solace graphics and the gameplay feels like a mix of Quantum of Solace, Uncharted and Wanted. The framerate is very good and the visual effects and cut scenes are remarkable. The achievements are fairly easy and the game itself isn't too bad although you do die fairly quickly on 007 difficulty. I would highly recommend this game if you're a fan of James Bond, the games or if you're looking for a game that you could finish in about 5 hours then this is the game for you. Shame it's Daniel Craig though.

  7.  One of the worst this year


    I didn't like the first game so I wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking in this. Story is decent but a bit wacky at times. Multiplayer, I haven't tried because it just doesn't interest me. You play as Lynch for most of the game where as in the first one you played mostly as Kane. Overall, it's not a bad game but it's certainly not a good one. You can get it pretty cheap now so if you're looking for a game which you can literally complete in 4 hours this is for you.

  8.  Story is average, multiplayer is a joke


    I was looking very forward to playing this as it's pretty much a mix of Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 but it's no where near any of those games. The campaign for starters is far too short and easy. I done it on hard mode and had it done in about 5 hours although I didn't finish it for ages as it just didn't interest me. The online is an absolute joke. Spawnkiller, campers, lag, everything that makes online multiplayer bad is here. I would advise you to wait for this to go well down in price before purchase. The only good thing is that you get Medal of Honor: Frontline free in the limited edition.

  9.  Great game but too easy


    Got a lend of this off a friend and had it completed inside two days. It is very short and very easy. I even managed to pick up the "Can't bring me down" achievement which requires you to compkete Fable III without being knocked down in combat. A lot easier than it sounds. But despite its length and the lack of any challenge, its story more than makes up for it. A very fun game. Overall, recommended if you're looking for a fun, easy, short game.

  10. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


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     Best FIFA ever!


    I've always been a fan of the FIFA series but truthfully I hadn't played FIFA 10. So when my brother got FIFA 11 for PS3, I was looking forward to playing it. Graphically, this is the best FIFA ever. The detail in some players like Drogba and Rooney is unreal. The 360 dribbling is awesome although the passing is dodgy at times. The career mode is very fun and addictive although there are a lot of glitches. The online is decent as well although there are quitters and usually a lot of lag in games. But don't let that put you off! This is the best FIFA game yet.