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  1.  Amazing return for Agent 47


    After 6 years of retirement Agent 47 is back with a bang. The graphics, gameplay mechanics and storyline are all 5star. The only this that lets it down is that some of the AI is pretty unresponsive somtimes. But this doesnt affect gameplay too much.

  2.  Made for the Vita


    I love little big planet but it has become a bit stale on the home console. So this is a brilliant version for the vita. It utilises some of the best aspects of the vita console and implements them in a fun interactive way into the game. Well worth the 35 pound price tag. Highly reccomend

  3.  Looks amazing, Shame about the story


    This is the best looking motion captured animation ever. easily tops beowulf and polar express etc. It looks amazing but the story just didnt capture my attention like it should have. When this was released on dvd i hadnt even norticed as it was unmemorable. saying all of that, well worth a look in on blu-ray!

  4.  Amazing!


    The story is awsome, the graphics are truly spectacular and controls are innovative. This is the future of handheld gaming. Worth every penny for the 10plus hours of real uncharted gameplay

  5.  A bit pricey but a must for any gamer


    If you love games and i mean proper games not just angry birds, then this is a must. this console is utterly gorgeous. design and spec wise. The graphics are near ps3 quality and game play is unsurpassed on a handheld console. Games like uncharted look amazing on the 5inch OLED screen and fun cheap games like escape plan are highly impressive. The only problem is the proprietary cards, they are expensive but you require them to play most games. Great console and i have no regrets on shelling out the dosh for such a highly developed console.

  6.  Cannot fault these! Amazing quality for the price


    These headphones are awsome. I purchased them for my girlfriend and they are great quality. Ok past reviewer said they break after a while but for the price you cant complain. But in my experience with denon, sony, sennheiser, philips etc. It all depends on how you treat them and where you use them. But i would Highly reccomend for this price.

  7.  Not worth the pennies


    This film was amazingly slow, I was really hoping for something special here, something creepy, something that would make me feel scared, disgusted, horrified or any other emotion that relates. Instead it was incredibly slow and boring. I nearly fell asleep half way through. This is nothing like advertised. A serious misfire and a waste of my time

  8.  Not worth the disc its burnt on


    I had high hopes for this film after zack synders dawn remake. I love the romero classics and this doesnt deserve the name. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I wouldnt take it if somebody offered it for free

  9.  Amazing


    My most anticipated game since gears of war 2. Amazing! looks great plays even better, amazing weapons/plasmids, haunting storyline. You get to play as a little sister for a short time too! Amazing!! BUY BUY BUY. Play.com also cheapest ive found the game anywhere!

  10.  Brillient!! A MUST SEE!!


    Im going to say one of tarrentinos best, but its one of the best films of the year, it made me laugh, cringe and i was on the edge of my seat all the time! loved every second... BUY it and you wont regret it!