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  1.  A New Age of Pokemon!


    Let's face it, Pokemon games are pretty much the same. The same beginning, middle and end. But because these games were pretty much perfect from the start why fix it?
    People come back to see how the world of Pokemon changes and What Pokemon can be found. Pokemon Black is no exception. The fifth generation of Pokemon may not be the best but they are definitely interesting. And they move!!
    The Unova region is beautiful and the use of 3D is greatly improved. It truly feels like a new start for Pokemon and a new generation.
    Sure, the Pokemon closest to you in a battle is pixelated to the point were it's dire, but with the extras thrown in I'm sure future games will fix this.
    Until then I'm glad The Pokemon world has extended past Sinnoh. These never get boring!

  2.  Funfunfun


    The first Vita gameplay footage i ever watched was this game being played, so i was always intrigued about owning this. This was the first game i got for my Vita and i don't regret it at all!

    You play as the deviants who are shot out of space by the evil Botz (i know) and crash land on Earth. The main gist of the game is to play the various levels and collect the parts to your broken spaceship, whilst causing mischief for the Whomans (...yeah) and inevitably fixing your ship.

    Anyway simple and strange as this story sounds the storyline is more of a goal than anything. In a nutshell you play through a series of games to fix your ship.

    The games use all the Vita's functions really well. I especially like how you use the rear touch pad and augmented reality. It's packed with really fun games that progress in difficulty as you go from city to city.

    There are certain parts of the game that make you want to tear your hair out and it is extremely frustrating at time but it is VERY addictive.

    I'd say that it's definitely worth buying as it uses everything the Vita has to offer. You do actually use the full array of gizmos and gadgets the console has. Plus it's just a really fun (and unusual) casual game for all ages. I'm 23 and i love this! It is the first of many brilliant Vita titles :)

  3.  Excelent


    When i first played The Sims 3 i wasn't amazed. The fact you lacked loading screens and could go around a fully synced neighbourhood was amazing but it didn't seem worth a full game. Plus after all the expansions that 2 had i think that this game seemed empty.

    Anyway i'm converted now. After really delving into the gameplay and doing everything that this game has to offer i'm really impressed. A definitely improvement from 2 no question. It just takes some getting used to.

    Expansion wise i know they will only make the game better. I've got Late Night, Outdoor Stuff and High End Loft Stuff due to arrive today and i'm sure it'll enhance my gameplay.

    I've recently heard too that they're bringing out two more EPs this year. The Sims Generations will come out in May and will add so much more to the family experience. Anddd The Sims Unleashed comes out in October and will add the long awaited pets! Cats, dogs, horses, reptiles are the choices apparently. They're also adding in wild deer and raccoons so i can't wait for that. These upcoming expansions will defnitely be the best and add that umph that this game is missing!
    Just need the magic and weather from 2 and this game will be perfect!!



    In my opinion SAWs I,III and VI are the best out of all of them. Like everyone says, this is SAW going back to basics.
    Pure gore at the beginning and end [alwasy a plus] and an absolutely brilliant storyline. After SAW V, which seemed to depend solely on flashbacks for it's story, it was nice to see SAW VI emerge with something that is a little deeper than some of the others.
    You find out a hell of a lot out about jigsaw and his work in this one and he's the kind of villain where you know that killing people like that is wrong, but you understand his ethics. I think it's creepy because you don't really see him as a villain, you're always on his side.
    Traps on this one are brilliant and back to the standards of SAW III. The breathing trap is definitely a thing of genius.
    Overall SAW VI is definitely one of my favourite SAWs. A must have for any SAW fan.

  5.  Excellent!


    I absolutely love the SAW movies and was a bit gutted that this was to be the last one. But once i watched I-VI and then went to cinema to see VII i saw that they have really stretched it as far as it could go.
    Don't get me wrong, each SAW movie has been brilliant but some have definitely been better than others.

    I was looking forward to seeing this movie so much because it was the last one in the series and because it had a record of 11 traps in it, beating any other SAW movie.

    Glad i went to see it. To compare it to other SAWs i'd say it's as good as SAW V. The plot was good and the 3D are brill! I think the 3D is made for the fans. It's proper splatter 3D everywhere which makes this movie that bit more interesting.

    The ending was fitting and could definitely see it carrying on. I don't think they should though. The SAW movies have a brilliant legacy and i'd hate to see it just vanish into obscurity due to a massive amount of sequels being thrown out.

    My only problem with the movie was the traps. Some were quite unimaginative and they seemed to care more about the number of traps rather than the detail of them. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of well designed ones [garage trap ftw!] but there were others that just seemed rushed just so they could jack up the body count =/

    Overall great movie and a great way to finish the series. This will definitely be added to my SAW collection :D

  6.  Brilliant


    I used to own a DS Lite. I traded it in for a PSP but craved the unique touch screen of the DS again.
    I saw that there was a DSi but noticed that an XL version would be released in the near future.
    One near future later and i have my DSi XL and love it.
    I think it's a decent purchase for anyone who hasn't owned a DS before or for people who have previously owned an original DS or DS Lite. However i don't think that it's worth upgrading if you currently own a DSi.
    The main difference is that the console is blatantly bigger..Appart from that and a huge pen i don't think it's worth investing in unless a bigger screen really means that much to you.
    Personally i think the bigger console/screen/pen is a work of genius. Most handhelds get boring because of the small screen and you ache after a while. The XL ensures better gameplay for everyone. Text is bigger and easier to read and the pictures despite being a lil pixelated at times, can also benefit and look more impressive.
    I think the only downside to this console is that it weighs a lot more than it's predecessors. Like noticeably more. I think that despite the gameplay being bigger and better you still really only get the same use as any other handheld because of it's noticeably heavier shape.
    But apart from that tiny niggle i think the XL is an amazingly creative and unique console.

  7.  Amazing!


    In a nutshell this game is both amazing and a good old blast from the past. Regardless of whether you played Pokemon Gold or Silver on the game boy colour you should buy this.
    It has the best two sets of pokemon and is as addictive as Diamond, Emerald or whatever colour you've probably played before.
    There's the Johto region to explore first and you go along the same story as in Gold and Silver but with a few surprises and changes along the way. Then you go through the elite four and the pokemon champion and then to the Kanto region.
    You are then free to wonder around both regions and get the Kanto gym badges and collect the original set of Pokemon everyone knows and loves.
    Looks wise it looks basically the same as Diamond/Pearl or Platinum and the touch screen is used in pretty much the same way.
    However, the overall story in SoulSilver and HeartGold is the thing that makes this game amazing. It's not just a revamp, there are so many extras hiding around and the updated graphics give the cities more depth and detail.
    I don't really give many games five stars as people seem to throw five out of five for anything but this game really is a must have for anyone new to pokemon or not, young or old. This is the blast from the past people have been waiting for.
    Bring on Pokemon Black and White!!

  8.  One Of The Best


    Every so often a game comes along that everyone is just meant to love. This game is a prime example. Whether you're a kid or an adult you'll adore this game.
    Stephen Fry's voice goes perfectly with this game. You have hours of fun going through the story and if you can get your head around the create a level mode, there's even more time to be spent on this game.
    This game is addictive, funny and brilliant. Add it to your games collection now!