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  1.  I like this


    Great idea, great acting and great production. A very enjoyable film throughout. Can't really fault this film but something about this film holds back from 5 stars. Can't imagine it will be very durable? Maybe I'm wrong.

  2.  Good old fasioned action movie


    The story line is terrible but if you can get through this, it is basically an 80's action movie brought back to life. Good action and an amazing amount of stars, a must see for action movie fans of old.

  3. Salt



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    I had my doubts about this film but was pleasently suprised and would actually recommend this film. Good action, good storyline and for once Angelie Jolie is actually pretty good.

  4.  Brilliant


    If you like the first two in the series then this is a must see. For once a great conclusion to a trilogy. Recommended.

  5.  Sunday night in


    Like the title says, this is good for a sunday evening in on television. Pretty average, not great but not poor either.

  6.  The best


    For me, this (part 2 of the third novel in the series) is the strongest bar none. No author has ever thrown in such twists and turns and kept the reader so astounded as GRRM. This book will blow you away, it's brilliant.

  7.  Still can't put these book down


    By the time a third novel comes around from an author, they are all but ready to run out of ideas and give up on creativity. But this is just another book that hooks you in and demands your full attention and nothing less. All fantasy fans must own this series.

  8.  Why did I not buy these books sooner!?


    The second title in 'A song of ice and fire' and another great. At no point in this book have i been bored or destracted, they are just so enthralling and you can't help but want more. Strongly recommended.

  9.  Real review


    This is an online gameplay review only.
    People have been saying that you can't compare Black Ops to MW2 because they are from different developers, but I'm afraid that's all you can do. IW are the benchmark developers with Cod 4 and MW2 being the best FPS games around.
    Black Ops in my opinion is an OKAY game, not life changing just pretty average. The whole online gamepley is slow in comparison to not just MW2, but also Battlefield Bad Company and MOH. The graphics have taken a serious step back by at least 6-7 years, everything is just so cartoon like on BO and patchy. The weapons are generally pretty poor with the exception of a couple, the grenades and other explosives are pointless as they have less power than a flying potato. The perks and killstreaks are worse than MW2 in which is an older game, surely they should have improved on them? The customisation is designed for kids, but being an adult rated game has no real place except for the less social people out there that spend ALOT of time on there own. The money system was interesting for all of about 2 minutes until you start to wonder why it is there?
    The plus points are: Maps are pretty well thought out as always with Treyarch.... That's all I can think of for now!? I'm not going to be childish and give it 1 star because a 1 star game is unplayable but as an average game it gets an honest 3 stars. This will be my last Treyarch purchase as I thought WAW was also an average game. Hope this helps some people that may still be undecided about buying this game.

  10.  One of the greats


    This book and series is simply superb and is a must buy for any fantasy readers out there. GRRM's writing style and imagery is unmatched by any author writing today. A must buy.