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  1.  WOW! 6000 Lumens but.........


    Firstly, if you are looking for a small torch that easily fits in your jeans pocket, then this is not for you.
    If you are looking for something more, then this could be the torch for you.
    This is the brightest torch I have purchased by far but I guessed it would be when I ordered it.
    Overall I am very pleased with it but there are a few things I need to share about it.
    First the negative side
    It did not come with instructions but a torch is a torch and it is very easy to use.
    It does not come with batteries (which I knew) and it only takes the 18650 batteries. I fitted 4 Ultrafire BRC 4000mAh 3.7V Lithium Ion batteries.
    It only has 3 settings: High: Low (not that much lower) and strobe.
    Most LED or Cree torches switch at least high off medium off low off strobe off SOS off.
    On this torch there is no off setting between high and low so if it is on the high setting you have to press the switch twice to turn it off.
    To get strobe you need to press and hold the button.
    The switch itself is quite small so with a thick pair of gloves on you might struggle to find it without looking.
    As expected with Cree there is no zoom function.
    It is a bit bulky being the same diameter as a 440ml can of lager and just a bit shorter so you need big pockets for this one. However, it feels comfortable to hold.
    It is quite heavy with all 4 batteries installed. Just over 0.5kg (1.1lb)
    They claim its waterproof but the small on off button on mine was loose and when I unscrewed it there was no sign of waterproofing with the small electric button and circuit exposed. May be OK in rain but I will not be submerging mine.
    Most important of all I must advise it gets very hot.
    I have had it on full beam for 30mins and I can just about stand holding it without wearing gloves so I strongly advise not letting young children near it for any length of time. Personally I would not let them near it anyway because they have a tendency to look directly at torch beams and this torch will do some serious damage to eyes both young and old alike. Another reason why there should be instructions enclosed with adequate safety warnings.
    However, it was OK outside during a 15min walk last night and on a cold night would actually keep your hand warm.

    Now for the positives
    WOW this really is one bright torch.
    Although there is no zoom function it appears to give a combined focused beam with a flood beam surrounding it. However, I think this is just because the thing is so damn bright.
    And if you stand it upright in a dark room and hit the on button, it just lights up the whole room.
    Personally I think the design and colour are really cool.
    It is very well made, comes with a good sturdy cord with adjustable toggles to keep it firmly attached to your wrist and also comes with a spare rubber seal.
    The cord is long enough so you can still have it attached to your wrist and your arm moving to and fro while walking with the torch in your pocket. (just)
    It will operate with 1, 2, 3 or 4 batteries fitted. I have not done any testing to see how long it lasts on 1 battery but it will obviously be less than with 2, 3 or 4 fitted. The upside of having fewer batteries installed is that it makes it lighter in weight.
    As I said at the start, overall I am very impressed with this torch.
    You just need to remember you need the 18650 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries and charger and it does get very hot when standing.
    If it were not for it getting very hot when standing and it only having 3 beam settings, I would probably have given it 5 stars.
    Having said all that, would I recommend it? Absolutely. You would not be a torch nut without one.

  2.  What are these people on?


    Did the last 3 reviewers actually watch The Pacific?
    One star! Are you mad? This is one of the best and most accurate mini series depicting the heroics of the US Marine Corp and horrors seen by all during the war in the Pacific. The acting from the 3 main characters is fantastic and the stories from the veterans is at times moving. I watched this again last week on Sky Player on demand service and it was even better 2nd time around.
    ***** 5 Stars all day long.
    If you liked Band of Brothers then don't miss this fantastic series as it's even better.

  3.  Megadrive Handheld Console


    Excellent number of games for the money. Need to use rechargeable batteries. Devise is a lot smaller than I imagined and with a small screen it can be difficult to read some of the text but plug it into your TV with the lead provided and away you go.
    Shame it doesn't save all the high scores etc but still fantastic fun - enjoy