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  1. Babel


    Mumford & Sons - CD

    21 New from  £5.89  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.19



    I wasn't sure if they could achieve an album like 'Sigh no More' but they have. This is another superb album and if you're a Mumford fan this will not disappoint. I cannot stop playing it!

  2.  Top Quality Series


    The show is based around a family of funeral directors but death really is an underlying story.... the show is really about people, relationships and growth. You watch the varied characters work their way through their complicated life and you see their ups and downs in all the gritty glory! If you buy the complete box set you will become addicted to it. I used to watch maybe 3 episodes a week but as I got to season 4 I was watching them back to back..... you just cannot wait until you reach the finale, you simply have to know what happens. And what an ending.... no spoilers, but they have created the best ending out of any series I have ever watched. Buy the box-set and sit back and enjoy!

  3.  Paloma Delivers Again


    True Pop album from our very own pop princess. Paloma has a great voice and just like her first album she shows us what she's capable of with catching pop tunes and soulful ballads. There is not a single dodgy track and you get what you pay for. If you loved her first album, you won't be disappointed as it keeps to original style and sound. I don't know why anyone would say that she has 'sold out'.... she's simply doing what she does best!

  4.  Must Have Album


    This is a great album - every song has something different. It took me a few plays to really get into it but once I was in I haven't been able to stop playing it.

  5. Hugo



    22 New from  £4.37  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.81

     Real Smasher


    If you have read the beautifully illustrated children's book you will know that this is one heck of a story. It might be a bit of a slow burner at first but once you're in you will be totally mesmerized! Films like this only come along once in a blue moon so, whether you're a nipper or an oldie - make sure you see this film, there really is something in it for everyone! ENJOY

  6.  Action-Packed


    I actually had quite low expectations of this film after seeing the trailer. I had assumed that the trailer showed all the best bits..... but I was wrong! This film is full on action from beginning to end. Yes, we have all seen the story before, young girls sees her parents killed and grows up to avenge their deaths! Regardless, it's a good story, fast-paced, well acted, and apart from a slightly ridiculous scene with two dogs..... a great film!

  7.  One for the girls!


    This is a lovely film, well acted with a strong story. However, you will find it a little frustrating if you have read the book because the film really is a snap shot of each of the paragraphs in the book so you will be left wanting more. Having said that it is a really enjoyable movie. Although Anne Hathaway is a wonderful actress I can't help feel that she was miscast as Emma - I would have preferred Carey Mulligan but then I am not a casting director!!! ENJOY!

  8.  Love it


    I love this film. I do not think it's a Bourne replica as stated in a previous review. It's got a great story, well acted by Liam and just one of those films that keep you guessing right up until the very end. If you like action packed thrillers then this film is a must. You won't be disappointed...!

  9.  Original


    Nice little film - great story, very true to the book. Fast pace and great acting. Bradley Cooper is well cast and it's interesting to see his transformation from hobo status to sleek, smooth businessman. I won't give the plot away but definitely worth a watch. It will get you thinking 'what would I do?'......! Enjoy.

  10.  Disappointing


    I had high expectations of this film. What a great cast!!! The story has been told a hundred times before.... virus wipes out population, population struggle to survive.... blah, blah, blah! Very slow. In fact, nothing really happens at all. There are a few interesting bits in this film but overall very poor!