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  1.  Very Disappointing


    At the very least from a Bond game you would expect to hear the iconic theme tune, but not in this game.

    Each chapter is a carbon copy of the first and I think I got about an hours gaming out of it before it was completed.

    Without doubt the worst first person shooter I've ever played.
    Save your money.

  2. SAW



    Available  used  from  £3.82

     Very creepy!!!!


    Fans of the films will love this, hardened gamers might not.

    The story and atmosphere is great, very very creepy with lots of blood and gore as you'd expect. Some chellenging puzzles throughout although a little repetitive.

    I found the lighting throughout the game very poor, the main player only has access to a lighter, torch and later a camera to light the the way in a totally blacked out arena. The in game fighting leaves a lot to be desired and is very poor compared to other games on the market.

    As far as gameplay goes, once you've done it, that's it, I'm not inclined to want to keep it to do again at a later date.

    All in all, worth a go... but don;t play it on your own late at night in the dark.

  3.  Disappointing!


    The game does not live up to the hype surrounding the release of this game.
    The story is excellent and in game features are good but this is more like an interactive film than a video game.
    I recieved the game on Friday 19TH June and by Sunday morning I'd completed it... total game time 4 hours and 51 minutes.

    Die hard Ghostbusters and film fans will love it but hardened gamers will be very let down.

  4.  Gripping!


    Very similar in gameplay to inFamous, [which I rated 5/5] except with this one you have to be more stealth like in your approach to completing missions and solving the mystery.

    Powers are more complex than inFamous and missions are less repetative.
    Just two complaints [neither of which deter from the enjoyment value], but I don't like the way Alex punches people everytime he passes them and the NYC skyline is not as good when your up really high, inFamous takes the edge here.

  5. inFamous



    3 New from  £11.15  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.66

     ELECTRIFYING entertainment!!!!


    Was really hooked after downloading the demo for this game, so I had to buy it and find out what the full story was... game play is brilliant with a totally original story.
    The movie world might only be able to throw out remakes, prequels and sequels but at least imagination and creativity is rife in the gaming world.