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  1.  Meh!


    Basically its no COD4 or even MW2!

    The campaign isnt great its all over the place and OTT some moments are good the bits in Vietnam were good but its not reall one to get you hooked. So many AI issues and glitches your squad running past groups of enemies only to stand just behind them while everyone & their mother unloads clips into your face while the squad goes unnoticed!
    You dont buy these games for the single player but i do like a solid campaign and meh it aint that - storyline is balls & obvious twist.

    Multi player is okay Maps are good there is spawning issues but im sure they will be resolved soon. The wager matches are a nice touch new modes like one in the chamber, sticks & stones & the gun game are clever and bring something different. A lot of customisation as well with weapons and classes which i like.

    Also Zombies which is always good with your mates - not much really changed with that but if it aint broke dont fix it!

    All in all its alright youll spend a hell of a lot of time on it - but it doesnt live up to the hype

  2.  Anti Climax


    BSG was an imense series - quality stories and acting. First 3 seasons are great (apart from a few "filler" episodes that seem to have been added just to make up the numbers)

    The last season though, both parts seemed like a complete different show there were some high points and some good viewing but in general it didnt come close to its original glory. You will scratch your head with one of the main threads of this season as things dont really make sense and they go for a cliche reason to explain it. I agree with other reviewers that they seem to have lost their creativity. I suppose it could really end another way but the end was dissapointing to say the least and seemed a bit like a cop out.

    This review wont make a difference as if your looking to buy this youve already seen the rest of em so youll need to know how it ends. Its an average end to a great show but prepare for the worst and anything else is a bonus!