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  1.  a must have


    Gamerevieuws dont lie, its a fantastic game, wonderfull platform game and with a co-op up to 4 players a great family or friends time.Add to this a timed lvl playthrough or hidden rooms for extra character unlocks, just brilliant. Just buy this game its even worth a 6 star rating. Great job Ubisoft bringing back this classic toon in a wonderfull new game.

  2. Rage


    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £6.49  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.98

     Amazing game


    Being no fan of this type of games i took the risk and bought it. Well lucky me i did so like others here allready said this game looks amazing, the mini games are wonderfull and i'm addicted, i will skip gears till dlc for sure with this game.1 thing you need to keep in mind if you start playing rage is to make sure that every time you leave a vendor or complete a job or craft something take the time to save the game cause there is no autosave so if you die you lose everything since last save, can be a pain at start but once you're used 2 who cares :D

  3.  Some things that can be improved


    I bought this for my xbox and yes it looks nice, a bit expensif but great looks only some points can be improved
    1. for some reason you need to plug it into the second usb on the back, it wont work with the higher placed one, no id why but thats a slot you lose cause the wire blocks any other usb plug to enter the slot
    2. when shutting down the xbox the mask keeps giving light, if you are on the red eyes (first stand) you need to run all to shut it off or you need to unplug the usb each time (i wont recommend cause it seems fragile)
    Expect these minor things and the price its a great looking item.

  4.  Super multiplayer


    WTF to all who are negative on this game. I can agree the singleplayer is short , bla bla bla BUT arent these kind of games ment to be pro in multiplayer ?? This game makes all your wet dreams come true , weapons, killrewards, customisation and YES all kind of vehicles to drive in all this in a massive party with 32 players. The pointrewardsystem is marvelous even as the spawning, this game is as enjoyable as BF 2. Oh god its not cod lets make it negative, shame on you ppl shame on you.
    Worth even 6 stars based on multiplayer.

  5.  Not for kids


    Having young kids i bought some disney titles for them but i got to say this game is 2 difficult for them. The game itself is good with combats , several weapons and gadgets but kids younger than 10 wont be able to solve all puzzles to get out of the rooms, also the action needs you sometimes to act fast and kids wont be that fast.
    So descent game but not for the younger ones.

  6.  Buy and try before BF3


    over COD and Medal of Honor this game is the best and most realistic off all 3. Killing an opponent needs you to actually aim for him not like COD spray and kill. The spawn is an example other fps should look for if you look at MoH you cant barelly imagine its the same company behind that tittle. The ability of flying choppers, riding tanks, jeeps is again awesome. You should get a copy before next battlefield gets released you wont regret it. Only 1 thing you gotta watch for , this game is an EA franchise you'll need to buy an online pass if you buy it second hand !!!!!!!

  7.  Just for rental


    - Singleplayer is quite boring 20 levels racer and 20 levels as cop can be very long and allways the same.
    - Multiplayer is more challenging: chasing others or escape em is fun but finding someone online is worth an achievement. Its completely desert on 50 quick matches i had the chanse to play once and it was only a 1 on 1 .
    - Short boring and not played online

  8.  what a waste


    Unless you have plenty of friends on this game you can invite, the multiplayer is desert. The 3d animations are taking out the speed of a fast monopoly game. Where was the time of roll , buy, next ..... Too slow and not enough ppl online.

  9.  maybe good BUT


    Yes its quite usefull to have no wires all over the place but if you get connection probs with this item and believe me the web is full of the same problem (for some reason it doesnt work all the time with wpa2 security) you are all by yourself, i mailed 100 times to ms and router seller but no one helps you out the only thing they send you is how you install it. So for ppl who ,may see the online connection on the list but cant get xbox live to work go to your router and set security off or change it to wep that will do.

  10.  Addictif


    I'm not used to racegames but i must say this one kept me playing for weeks, really fun and stunning graphics, the online is pushing up the adrenaline only one minor thing if a game just started you'll need to wait several minutes before being able to join them and looking for another party wont work as you'll prolly end every time in the same as long there is free room. A must buy for every arcade loving gamer. 40 easy achievements the last 6 will make you work a little but trully a fantastic game.