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  1.  Great entry to the world of hime cinema


    The quality of this projector is fantastic for the money. First projector i have owned (have wanted one for about 20 yrs). Looks especially nice when connected by HMDI to blu ray player for displaying in 1080 on a 80" screen (only needs to be about 3 metres away for this resolution). No comments on internal speaker as have connected to a surround sound. quick start up times and shut down. Has horizontal keystone to sort angle. Only thingis missing is a vertical keystone aswell. Meaning you have to have set dead on to get a perfectly square image. Mine is slighty to the right and get a slight angle at one end of the picture. But in all truth i only notice it when i am looking for it. When engaged in watching something i dont' notice it at all. Should also it is very bright and no need to be sat in a dark room to be able to see it like i have seen on friends projectors. Although dark room is recommended for the home cinema experience.

  2.  Am i the only one that thought it was just ...ok.


    Don't get me wrong it was pretty good as far as superhero games generally go. But from the demo it does come across as a bit of a button basher. hopefully the full game should be good. But not really feeling it here. Graphics were nice though.

  3.  Good entertainment


    If you want to be entertained for a couple of hours as i generally do, then this is well worth the money. Miles better than the original. Not a classic film but one that will entertain. Good fun, lots of action and comedy moments. What more do you expect from Disney and the Rock?

  4.  Top price


    What a great price, just had to pick it up. Not played loads of it yet. So far though got to say seems a lot better than the first R6 Vegas game. Graphically seems miles better, i found the original a little jittery and hard to see. But this is a lot clearer in full HD. Only good fun as usual, although generally i prefer single player mode. Well worth picking up.

  5.  Save your cash


    The only reason I am giving this poor mans action film 2 stars is that it was better the other terrible recent WCW movie the Marine. Poor acting, Poor script, very badly shot. Even Vinny Jones couldn't save this movie, as he was terrible in it too.

  6.  Great game


    This is great fun. Very GTA style. Graphics aren't the best i've seen but are certainly better than ps2 by a long way. Try playing San Andreas again, graphics are pretty shocking. Good fun game. Plenty to do, certainyl will tide me over until new GTA comes out.

  7.  Best version yet


    Like a lot of the other reviews I also bought the US 5 disc version. Comes complete with every version ever released and a unreleased workprint copy.

    The Final Cut edit in HD looks stunning. The work that has gone into it adds an extra depth the film. Amazing how it has aged so well as a film, not the kind of film they would make now as it would have to have car chases and explosions all over the place and the androids skin would have to peel off to look like terminator at osme point. For any bladerunner fan this should be a essential purchase. Going to watch the original theatrical release next and see how much things have changed over 25 years of editing. A great release, only losses a star for lack of discs on the UK release.

  8. Skate



    14 New from  £13.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.94



    I can't stress how much more fun this is than tony hawks especially being an ex skater this feels so much more realistic and is equally frustrating as trying to nail that elusive trick in real life (360 flip anyone?)
    Recently played the new tony hawk game very disappointing compared to skate. A must have game for any skate fans.

    Online play could be improved though as it is next to unusable, very jittery and sluggish even on a 20mb line.

  9.  outstanding


    only got this yesterday, but very pleased. As already stated the graphics are great the gameplay is fantastic. Little slow to load at times but well worth the wait. Was even late for work this morning as decided to have a quick match which turned into half a dozen. lol. A good purchase.

  10.  Can't wait


    Judging from the demo on playstation store this is gonna be great. Can't wait for this one.