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  1. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Nintendo Wii

    3 New from  £18.98  Free delivery

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     Would have been a 5...


    ... but it's not as "free roam" as they would have you believe.

    The game itself is still brilliant - great fun being Iron Man, battling the hordes of enemies. I must admit that the default controls can be quite fiddly - at first the camera goes haywire while you get used to the melee combat control (shake the Wii-mote, which also controls the camera). Once you get used to that and the combined "Wii-mote and stick flight control" it's a blast.
    Admittedly, there are options to change the controls, but I haven't tried yet - I'm happy as they are.

    The bashing bigger enemies is fantastic - I was pulling turrets off tanks and smashing them to bits for hours last night.

    Once you master it all, the game is, overall, amazing. The only let down (hence 4 stars) is the "free roam" - you get free roam within the "battle area", but outside of that is either a scripted mission, or a cutscene taking you to the action.

    My only other complaint is the 'upgrades' system. In all honesty, I didn't pay much attention to the manual so it may explain things in there, but I found the upgrades confusing to obtain & use. Mind you, once I had the Repulsors, small missiles & minigun, I was quite happy - then I just needed to find more ammo...

    Still a smashing good game though - can't wait to get home from work... :D

    Oh, and if the controls are annoying you, try start the game on 'easy' difficulty and practice with them. Once mastered, moving up the difficulty makes the game much more intense - but nowhere near as frustrating as jumping right in!

    As with any new game - just give it some time and, more importantly, patience!

  2.  Great singer, pity he's overplayed...


    Having just read some of the 'reviews', I felt compelled to even things out. I think this album is a definite 5 stars.

    So his previous work (You're Beautiful) was labelled the most annoying song ever... do you know why? Because so many people liked it, and kept buying it, that the radio stations HAD to play it. They have a contract to play the chart music - even if that is going to annoy people.

    James Blunt had to pull his music from sale to stop this. But people still demanded his album - because it's that good.

    And now this one - just as good as the first, although I admit that 1973 is, in my opinion, the best song. I recommend this album (and his last) to anyone, and I would say to these critics that their posts read, for the most part, more like attacks than valid critique. Actually listen to his lyrics and vocal ability and you see the genius in the music. And, to be blunt, this music is far superiror to the mass-produced pop trash that is constantly thrown out by manufactured boy bands, girl bands and things like X-factor.