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  1.  MW3


    I was really looking forward to this game however i personally think it was a big let down. For the amount of time Infinity ward have had to produce this game its a joke. There are hardly no changes to this compared to MW2. To start with multiplayer has got issues, if your playing with your mates in a party youll have to wait at least 10 minutes to get into a game, which is very frustraiting. As well as this there is no improvemnt to the quality of mics in the game. Hopefully there will be an update soon to solve these problems like there were in previous cods. Also i found various missions in the story mode very similar to previous cod games. Lastly i think spec ops has been improved but still this is nothing on treyarchs zombies. However I did think the story was good and also some features of multiplayer such as the new killstreaks and call of duty elite. However overall I think that this game was a let down and infinity wards worst game. I personally think treyarch created a much better game with black ops. Good story, graphics, multiplayer and of course zombies. I will be playing a lot more battlefield this year, I think now battlefield has finally overcome its rival and its biggest rival now is black ops.

  2.  Game of the year?


    This game is amazing. The best western game i have ever played and personally i think its the best game out at this time. The graphics are brilliant, there is a amazing story with lots of extra missions to do after you complete it. There is an endless amount of animals in the game which you can kill,skin and sell on the meat,skin ect. I could go on for ever saying the good points of this game but my opinion is to buy it for yourself and experience it. A truely magnificent game which rockstar can be proud of.

  3.  Game of the year


    This is by far the best game i have ever played. The graphics are amazing its like watching a movie. I cant find any flaws to this game at all. The 1st uncharted also brilliant the only thing that didnt have was multiplayer but in this one there is and that to is amazing. Naughty dog has used the ps3 power to the max which makes this game by far the best around. If you havnt bought this game yet then do you wont regret it.

  4.  Stereophonics at their best


    This is a great follow up from their last cd "decade in the sun" which was amazing. On this cd there are 12 brilliant new songs which shows how good the stereophonics are. I love every song from the album and cant stop listening to them. A bargin buy. BUY IT you wont regret it.

  5.  Brilliant


    I cant stop playing this game the story is good but I think the best part of this game is the online and the new special ops feature which you can play with a friend. The only thing I can fault is that the story could be a bit longer but this is a very small matter to a brilliant game.

  6.  Amazing


    The graphics are brilliant and the storyline is amazing. In my opinion it is one of the best ps3 games out there and the price is more than worth it. A must have.

  7.  Amazing so much better than xbox 360


    I have had it for a while now and Im still amazed by it. It has blue ray,HD,free online and the best games. If you are stuck between buying a xbox or this I would say the ps3 its way better. Recomend it.

  8.  OK


    Its a okay game not the best though. The graphics are not very good and the overall game gets boring after a while. I would not recomend but if you are a snooker fan it might be a game for you.

  9.  A Classic


    A good game one of my favourite on PS2. It has good music missions and story. Recomend it.

  10.  Easy Achievements


    I had it when it came out and after about two hours I had 1000G. The campain it good as well as online a good game overall