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  1.  it looked the part but......


    With a few tweaks this would have got 5 stars as it had all the potential to be really good.It reminded me of a bugati veyron with one gear,i waited for a story to get going but it just plodded along at the same pace.It was worth the watch but come on this should have been brilliant.

  2.  average at best


    Watched this on xmas day,it was one of my presents,and liked the look of this film.Yes there are a few really funny moments concerning some of what johns(mark wahlberg)childhood friend teddy bear says and does but with not much of a story and laughter quite rare,i will not watch this again.

  3.  brilliant


    just watched this series and i think this is the funniest woman this country has ever produced.the little looks to camera and the scenarios that she gets into are second to none,just fab.

  4.  tearjerker


    second only to the fantastic shawshank redemption in my opinion as the greatest movie of all.a giant of a man has magical powers and is wrongly imprisoned,a movie which has it all,twists and turns as well as very sad moments towards the end but wow what an absolute classic.add it to your collection.

  5.  the best yet


    thought this to be the best out of the three,similar in places to foot soldier,but i found it in places to be really funny too.very enjoyable and i would watch it again and again

  6.  tearjerker


    this film is quite hard hitting in several places,set during the war,mr tom,john thaw,takes in a young evacuee,who has been ill treated by a mentally ill mother and both soon form a father/son type bond.a wonderful film and a brilliant performance by all especially john thaw.

  7.  a true classic


    simply a true british classic.set in london in the gangland underworld,bob hoskins turns in a brilliant performance alongside helen mirren and a very young pierce brosnan.its the ira against the harrys gang in this one.a fabulous film from start to end with a twist or two along the way.

  8. Cass



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    i thought this film portrayed just how hard it was for a black boy growing up in the early sixties.but this character was adopted by white parents and spent a lot of his childhood being racially abused or beaten up.the film was thoroughly enjoyable with small appearances by frank bruno,and although cas or carol as he was called when young,was a very violent football thug,there was a softer side to him too.not quite an i.d or football factory but still a good film.the only downside was his on screen girlfriend who i thought was a very poor actress. very good.

  9.  oh dear


    have got this fantastic comedians books, mugs full dvd collection and been to see him many times and was bought this for a christmas present several years ago.believe it or not i have only just watched it and it is not his best work by a long way.poor but i can see he has given another avenue a try.poor.

  10.  9 hours of laughter and toilet gags


    although nothing they have done before or since gets near the young ones,this is still a brilliant comedy with plenty of "willy and toilet"gags and the finest one on here is definately the gasman episode.rik mayall is brilliant in this with the funniest facial expressions and with occasional appearances from there dropout friends dave hedgehog and spudgun,this adds to the mix.awesome viewing.