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  1.  A great Spoof film


    Most Spoof's just take the mick and try too hard to be funny but this film has taste and it has an actual story line. Obviously it's meant to be a roll your eyes comedy but you actually feel for the characters which even in some good movies you don't get. A must watch.

  2.  Great Film, definitely a must see


    Can't say much more than that. It's a simple yet great story line. I have to say that in my opinion apart from his potrail of the Joker this is definitely Heath Ledgers most known and respected role for me. Great movie, great watch.

  3.  Very enjoyable


    Sure it's a little outdated now but a greats always going to be a great. No one could ever pull off the character of the mask like Jim Carey. Always going to be a great comedy for me no matter how old it gets.

  4.  Still a great movie


    I remember watching this movie in the cinema when I was 8 or 9. I just saw it on TV a week ago and still found it enjoyable. Who doesn't love the idea of action figures coming to life. Always going to be an all time great for me.

  5.  Very enjoyable


    I must admit that I have always enjoyed anything sherlock holmes, even that sherly holmes tv show. I enjoyed this film greatly and would recommend it to anyone. Was a little disappointed that he only used his hyper observatory mode in fights.

  6.  Power Rangers - nothing more to say


    Since I grew up with the 1st era of power rangers I'll always think that the original crew were the best. I can't stand all the revamped stuff they're showing today. Always massive respect for lord Z and Goldar. Some of the best villains ever.

  7.  3* all the way


    This is a decent movie under all the rubbish, but I must admit the only bit I was laughing at was the mind control bits, especially granny beating the bejesus out of some guy.

  8.  Enjoyable yet predictable


    I enjoyed this movie but could see the ending and alot of the twists a mile off. Good comedy though. Worth watching if you fancy a laugh.

  9.  Realistically 3.5*


    I can't give this movie 4* cause the 1st Johnny English was so much better. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments but alot of roll your eyes ones too. The thing that annoyed me was the ongoing joke about getting the wrong person and beating up some old woman. Still it is worth a watch.

  10.  Can't fault a classic


    Must admit I enjoy all these films. Obviously now we're almost too 2015 we see how much of an exaggeration they had for this time but when I first saw it as an 8 year old kid I was hooked. Never really understood one thing though, Doc has a time machine yet always seems to be in a hurry.