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  1.  Brilliant


    I have actually tattoooed a few designs from the book on different people, It is full of excellent flash and a steal of a price. I wouldnt be without it. Well worth the money the RRP is about 20 pounds so great price.

  2.  Great Game


    The game arrived yesterday which is great on the day of release, put it on and played it in story mode i found it excellent, i am normally a call of duty player and only tend to play that online when ever i can. After a couple of hours play on normal mode i found it quite difficult to be honest i am stuck on a level which is great something to go back to, I went online some of the maps are large only downside i found is it seemed to keep locking up allowing you not to move it wasnt just happening to me i spoke to others with the problem too it is only for a few seconds but enough to notice. I played team type deathmatches, free for all type games. The more kills and points you score and bounty you gain you can upgrade your weapons, You can play as a native Indian too with a bow and arrow. Overall i found it excellent, if you buy it you wont be sorry i wasn't..

  3.  Excellent Gaming Router


    I bought one of these a while ago from play for ps3 online gaming it has been brilliant my son also goes online gaming at the same time with his ps3 no problem. I have tried a few routers i wont mention any names but this beats them hands down. It is so reliable and sets up easy . I have been there wondering if i should spend the extra on this product, take my advice you wont be sorry, I am so glad i did if ever it goes wrong i wont hesitate in buying another.My Brother uses this product he feels the same. I hope this may help you make your decision.

  4.  online mode...frustrating


    This game is excellent, the story modes and arcade mode are top notch.
    I cant fault them, it is good how they have added in dc characters and still kept it in format of the good old mk games.
    The big letdown of the game is the online mode.
    Yeah its good but its full of people who spam the same move and not even add in a few diffrent ones.
    This is most common with the green lantern as all you have to do is keep using his two long range moves while standing back and not doing a thing otherwise.
    This is a real pain.
    Other than that its a brilliant game.

  5.  Dont be put off


    I too wanted one of these for in the bedroom so i could get out the way of her in doors and play on my ps3 I am a big fan of call of duty 4, artattack01 is my gamer ID i was playing it online on a sony rear projection 42 inch screen but it was not HD so due to funds at the moment i decided to take the plunge and go for it.I was worried that the size wouldn't be any good for gaming,I ordered it on a sunday night and it arrived on the wednesday morning i set the tv up the base you put it on is abit tricky but not as bad as some people say as long as you put it on say a kitchen unit or table you will be ok.I had it set at 1080i what a picture the screen is more than ample i dont find it a problem the quality is awsome there are things i am now seeing in the game that i never before it has also improved my game play too as i can now spot people hiding etc I am more than pleased the television side of things seems fine to me.As previous have said it hasn't got freeview but i am not bothered i have a box anyway it is more for the gaming side i wanted.If you are trying to decide take my word you wont be sorry .I am more than pleased, my brother sidney1 gamer ID he has a large samsung plasma and a samsung 26 HD tv thinks it is excellent.Thanks play yet again for another excellent buy, I hope this will help you to decide as i spent a while trying to decide too.

  6.  My Advice


    Hi all i was stuck between the two Xbox 360 or PS3??? Which one do you choose??? I have wanted an Xbox 360 elite for ages and ages but with work ties and being a father i decided not to bother just yet. I remember the days of the 8 Bit Nintendo and Atari ST and remember how much time i spent then!
    I spoke to a few guys at work who all play the PS3 online and tried my sons and also my brothers. What a machine i decided to go for it i bought this package and Call Of Duty 4 what a brilliant game i have had a great time playing online with friends and people all over the world.
    Take the plunge if are thinking about it you wont be sorry i am so glad i did i also got the five blueray films with it. I wont go into the technical side of things as others have already done that but your online gaming is free you can also download Demo games and play them, If you work out the price of a blueray player you can see this is a great buy.
    I hope this may help you decide what to do. Thanks Play for another top buy.

  7.  Doesn't fit


    I have given this 5 stars as the quality is excellent only thing is i bought it to fit my N800 into it, on taking it out the package i looked and noticed it is 3/4 the size of the N800?? i tried just incase i am missing something and as i thought no i am definately not it is far too small.If you are thinking of buying on of these for your N800 don't bother.I hope this will stop you from being dissapointed like i am.It is a shame as it is an excellent carring case but not for the N800 !!

  8.  lovely


    I recently bought one of these for my 3 year old daughter i know it goes in the microwave to warm it up etc she loves it she takes it everywere with her,It is a soft, well made, excellent product, you cant go wrong with this a star buy thanks again play

  9.  Great Device Great Price


    My N800 arrived a few days ago, I took it out the box charged it over night and followed the set up guide. It set up easily without any problems,it connected with ease to my Dlink Wireless Router what a great device and what a steal of a price. As per the Previous Reviewer i upgraded mine to the latest OS2008 which was easy to do thankyou for putting that in your review. The New OS is great i have not bothered with the skype at the moment but will shortly.One thing to remember if you do upgrade it, make sure it is fully charged and at the section of the upgrade were you need the file to do so tick the internet box that way it will do it automatically for you. You will see it is pretty easy to do. I cannot fault this so far, I also bought a standard 2 gig SD Card which i put into the device to increase the memory which if you want to put files on etc is a must. I hope this will help you with your decision thanks play for another star buy.

  10.  Brilliant


    I bought one of these a few months ago it connects easy enough works a treat all reports have been brilliant from people talking to me no echos etc a steal @ £9.99 i am going to get another as a present for Xmas for a friend.