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  1.  Fantastic and Frightening... all at the same time.


    They are easy to set-up, in the air after 5-10 minutes of lighting, they really do look stunning, but as everyone below me has said; don't light near buildings or during high winds.

    These things are extremely unpredictable once they pick up some wind, when we lit ours it travelled to the other side of town a good couple of miles.

    In the end; great fun but pick your surroundings and weather conditions carefully.

  2.  Great Product, Rotten Smell.


    Does its job brilliantly, plugged in a Blu-ray player and a Xbox 360 into it and no loss of signal what so ever, there is only one downside; The Smell.

    I don't know if its the cheap metal used in the production, but the casing is the foulest smelling piece of equipment i own, it took several lemon wipes to dampen the smell, but it still lingers.

    + Great Product, Works Smoothly,

    - Cheap Materials, Awful Smell.

  3.  When You Buy Cheap....You Get Cheap.


    Im a sucker for a bargain game, mainly for the cheap Thrill, but this game provided no such Thrill. This Game had the potential to rival other A-Class Shooters, but it was let down by shoddy designing, a story-line full of black-holes and above all else - unimaginative Gameplay; Let Me Explain....

    Let's start with Storyline: It appears the developers had the wise idea of using Blacksite as a method to Bash the Iraq War, alot of the dialogue and set-pieces have a certain 'I Hate Bush About It'.

    This political story masking, doesn't hide the fact that the story-line is garbage, you get a 20-second brief at the start of Game, and the rest of story is basically your colleagues discussing 'Conspiracy Theories', honestly when i finished the Story i just said 'Huh?!?'

    The Gameplay Earned The Extra Star in My Review, Primarily because the M4 Assault Rifle you get looks Cool, its your simple run-around; "If It Shouts - Shoot It, If it Shouts In Alien - Shoot It Again', there is no inquisitive gameplay moments, driving the Humvee is like driving a Shopping Trolley full of Badgers. :)

    Now The 'Unborn' Enemies, all of whom seem to have a Chesty Cough; are in my opinion the most useless soldiers in the Gaming World, Worst then Grunts in Halo - They Are Useless. They seem to distaste Cover and prefer to stay in the open looking for some Bullets, it became unchallenging after the first level when you realised that This Is What The game offers - mindless drones, now the 'Aliens' are slightly more challenging mainly cause there more well-armoured and come in waves of 20 at a time in my experience.

    Lastly The Levels is where this game has its high points and low points some of the opening levels are great, in american suburbs running through Backyards chasing People, and Iraq Primarily because its a refreshing re-design from the 'Standard War Games' you encounter nowadays.

    Now i could talk about the Multiplayer, but i seeing as its non existent, i have better things to do; Like Watching Dave.........

  4.  Great Controller With One Annoying Flaw


    Now im a fan of these controllers, i have three for my mateys, and they work perfectly, but like alot of xbox products, they tend to degrade and develop some problems after a while.

    the main problem with my controllers is the Triggers, after a while they have developed a bloody annoying squeaking noise when you pull the trigger.

    now this may seem miniscule, but when your playing a little COD4 and start shooting someone: Squeak,Squeak,Squeak.....etc...etc...etc you get the point.

    the wireless capabilities and usefulness is great, i only wish the build quality was better...

  5.  More Fragile Then a Egg in my opinion.


    As they come standard with every xbox, i wasn't expecting them to be the Diamond Standard of Headsets, but i think its down to use and the actual handling of the headset which causes them to break so easily.

    i've had three of these babies, and the main cause of their downfall was me accidentally mistreating it; Sitting on it, throwing it off in sheer frustration after losing, or the occasional oral consumption of the Microphone, can easily damage it.

    but if you are heavy-handed and get frustrated easily, i advise you to save up for a while and buy a Wireless Headset, there a alot more durable.

    in the end Its a great piece of kit for the price, but when you get it - Treat it Like Royalty.

  6.  This Baby is Made For Gaming.. And For Emergency Heating


    Ok Boys and Girls, seeing as i am 18, and possess a fluffy mustache - I Know Better, so here is My Opinion.

    This Console in my opinion is made for one purpose; Social Gaming.

    Since its release, its primary function is to provide a Platform for Gamers to come together and berate each-other with 'yo muma' jokes and have mass arguments about Global Politics and whatnot, the Xbox Community is a fascinating one, a million strangers casually talking to each other, its a great place to talk, argue or even wind-up people seeing as no two conversations are the same.

    The use of the 'Party' System allows a group of us to chat casually whatever where doing. which is useful when a group wants to play a War Game, whereas the others want to play some Fifa.

    Now the Xbox Experience is genuinely unique, the use of highly customizable Avatars who are now becoming a part of the gaming experience (Guitar Hero 5/1vs100) it allows players to immerse themselves within the usage of the Xbox, making them want to use it more, and these features do work. The 360 is also great for trying out games before buying and it is a money-saver for your wallet, you'd rather find out what a game is like before buying it, rather then buying the damn thing, and realizing its Garbage (Blacksite for example ha).

    Now i have one forward complaint about the Xbox which i think a majority of owners have noticed and questioned - why in the name of god does this thing churn out more Heat then an Oven?? this can really ruin your gaming experience primarily because you don't want to play a game when your room is the same temperature as Morocco. haha

    Now i didn't want to get into The Xbox vs. PS3 War, but to avoid being dreadfully brandished a 'Fanboy'. i will say both possess Key Features the others don't, but this doesn't make either worse, it just makes them 'Envious of Each Other'. Now my Xbox has Died Twice, but has been repaired properly but it has been made quite badly compared to the Playstation, My Elite barely a week out of the Box, a Warm Breeze comes through the Window, and BLAM! Red Ring of Inevitable Doom..... The Playstation, Bought Second Hand from a questionable Gentlemen was doused in Beer and left on for a day straight; Keeps on working... the only downside is it now smells of Stella Artois....

    Now Xbox Live is where xbox absolutely spanks PS3's Behind, primarily because there are People PLaying and Talking! The xbox just seems to be more accessible for people, they are more willing to play aggressively and have a laugh with you, Playstation Online is only met with a eery silence of Mute Players.....

    Overall, if you want a Console which can provide you with endless hours of fun with a abundance of Games which you can enjoy with a community bursting with inane Banter - Buy Yourself an Xbox. :)

    Cheers for reading guys.

  7.  A Great Addition To My Wardrobe.


    I saw this top on sale for £28 in the high street, so it would of been stupid not to buy it off here for the bargain price!

    its made rather well, no straggly pieces of material hanging off and no large amounts of fluff on the inside so you can avoid pain-staking task of picking pieces of fluff off your t-shirt.

    Im a bit of a Chunky fellow so i went with the large, and it fits perfectly, so i believe the previous fitting issues on Play.Com don't apply with this product.

    Great Jumper from a Great Label. Cheers.

  8.  When All Else Fails... Call in a Orbital strike.


    I was a bit nervous buying this game, seeing as the studio who made it went bust right after they finished it, i thought it was gonna be a dissapointment ... I Was Wrong.

    The Graphics are rich and the battlefields are well designed, with so many unique locations, from Snow Covered Glaciers to Barren Wastelands, all of which are well detailed with Crashed Pelicans to Massive Bases, which can be tailored to the users prefrence, from building Barracks to train your marines to Creating Air Pads to launch Air Units. These unique bases which operate and change drastically when damaged and ultimately destroyed, with fires and massive explosions.

    The actual creating of your armies couldnt be simpler, after collecting 'resources' and having the appropriate Buildings you can build and upgrade a vast array of Halo Vehicles and Infrantry, from Cowardly Grunts,Giant Scarabs and Warthogs.

    The Campaign is Brilliant, hands down, with Hollywood inspired Cinematics and a pretty decent storyline, Halo Wars delivers in the Campaign Department, and after you ve finshed you can try Legendary Difficulty which is guarenteed to keep you occupied for a while.

    Multiplayer and Skirmish however have their upsides and the downsides, firstly Skirmish is great when you just want to mess around and try out different strategies , but the big let down is A.I, Your AI team-mates have the tendancies to turn from Tactical Genius' into Dumb Idiots. they can sometimes spend the entire Session building their Base and and Upgrading Units, but they actually dont make any units, leaving them dumb-founded with no resources and No Army.

    The Multiplayer is challenging and fun but sometimes you can run into other players who seem to hide in corners for entire matches and then unleash a Uber-Massive army of Tanks, even though i would say this is un-sportsman like, but im probably just Old Fashioned,

  9.  The Unit is Epic, No Doubt.


    I thought the concept of showing the lives of Special Forces Soldiers was unique and had the potential to make a great tv show, i loved Unit season 1, and at first thought showing their personal lives was a nice touch, but after a while it got boring and strenuous, with most of the wives being damn right annoying and almost painful to watch, its the action sequences and the acting of 'The Unit' which make this a fantastic TV Show, Dennis Haysbert and robert patrick really are brilliant actors and their coolness translates into their conversations and actions.

    Brilliant Script and Cast.

    Just get rid of the annoying nasal wife who never shuts up.


  10.  Oh Yeya! This is Good TV.


    Although Season 3 was Good, it Wasn't Great it didn't have the Raw excitement as season 1, Season 4 however brings the viewer right back into the Action and the unique Raw pace of storytelling which defines Prison Break.

    With an All-Star Cast, Prison Break Season 4, delivers a harder hitting Story line, Mind-Boggling Plot Twists and a expanded focus upon several other previously inferior characters such as Mahone and Bagwell, whose stories are as equally as thrilling as Lincoln and Michael's exploits.

    if you like Smart Drama, which is enjoyable and exciting, buy this season, however if your new to the series, please watch all three previous seasons before you even attempt to watch this, as you will be lost and confused from the first second.