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  1.  Nothing Happens


    90 mins of plodding through mexico with a couple of sound effects very boring nothing actually happens it got to the end and i was left thinking is that it Avoid!

  2.  Amazing Box Set


    I was stunned when i got this box set its one if not the best i own tons and tons of extras various cut's of the film and excellent packaging this must be the best edition ever realesed of this film 5 stars for sure

  3.  Amazing Game!


    Brilliant game one of the best 2d platformers ive played up there with super mario world and the original donkey kong country absolutely essential wii game

  4.  Excellent ' Classic Horror


    Hellraiser - great film slow starting but story telling at the same time the classic that started it. low ish budget but still good. bad point is i could not find the special features on this disc. 4 Stars

    Hellbound Hellraiser 2 - the best film out of the first 3 by far plenty of gore good acting good story bigger budget. bad point again could not find special features. 5 stars regardless

    Hellraiser 3 Hell On Earth - good film biggest budget out of the 3 decent acting but i noticed some scenes must of been taken using a cheaper camera plenty of gore and gives alot of backround story on pinhead. this version i could also access speacial features. 4 stars

    overall an excellent box set all of these are highlights of the series with pinhead being one of the scaryiest horror icons of all time

  5. AB III

    AB III

    Alter Bridge - CD

    16 New from  £5.41  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.95



    brilliant album as always from alter bridge 14 tracks some more heavy than others and there are quite a few catchy tracks in here too if you liked their previous two albums your going to love this

  6.  good film


    good movie more of a comedy than a horror there was nothing scary about it but bruce campbell was excellent great price also

  7.  Started Out Good


    started out good with feast 1 i really enjoyed it gory but not too much over the top. feast 2 was ok but lacked what feast 1 had and the completely over the top gross out scenes were just pointless it seemed to drag on a bit. feast 3 was the worst of the bunch i lost some intrest 3/4 of the way through and at the end the story just made no sense at all and just became ridiculous. id buy this just for 1 and maybe 2 but give 3 a miss

  8.  Not Bad


    not a bad movieby any means it was scary and jumpy but at about an hour in became very confusing this was'nt helped by the camera angles etc (hand held blair witch style) and it got to the end with no real climax i was left disapointed by the ending but it dint cost me very much so i supose i wont lose any sleep over it

  9.  excellent


    when i purchased this film i was'nt sure if it was my kind of movie id seen reviews and thought id give it a chance usually the stehen king storys are great this is no exception brilliant story and plot very jumpy and scary and alot goryier than i thought it would be reccomended buy 5stars

  10.  Brutal


    this is one of my favorite horror films i really enjoyed it bill moseley and sid haig are horror vets and show it here rob zombie has created a sick masterpiece here witch surpasses house of a 1000 corpses