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  1.  Mates love it


    My mates are round every Friday night without fail and our evening/early morning gaming usually requires some racing,some worms,FIFA and fighting but of late the last one has been absent. Used to be fightnight but my mates just hate not being able to beat me...enter mma the demo. Now in some ways it's similar to fightnight with the attacks,even the kicks but when on the ground it's a roll around until one of us gets mashed up or taps out due to submission. I say one thing, if my mates like it then that's all that matters. In my opinion it's ten times better than ufc and the fighters move more realistic to the point of total realism. This game will be played every Friday night and every other game will have to take a back seat whilst we mash eachother up all the way tip Xmas and into 2011 and then some,probably until the sequel arrives!



    The first game had great graphics but the gameplay was weak and online was hit and miss.
    This games graphics are as good if not better than the first and they've done a good job in the online department.
    I'd say to the naysayer's that hate the realism in the handling of the weapons upon firing to go back and play Modern Warfare 2,a game that holds your hands when aiming and with guns that never recoil enough.
    Kane and Lynch 2 is a breath of fresh air,a short one but fresh all the same.If your looking for one of the hardest challenges for you and a friend to tackle then play the game on EXTREME,you wont be dissapointed,especially when the the credits roll up and the 60G's appear on screen!
    Playing the story on extreme will take you roughly up to 6,mayb 7-8 hours or more depending on how good you and your co-op partner are when the sh*t hits the fans!
    Original comes to mind when playing online....you never know who's going to turn on you and yet you need them to help you get to the getaway vehicle so choosing when and where to turn on someone is key,or perhaps slowy become a Saint,a trustworthy criminal instead of Scum if you were untrustworthy.
    This game gets too much hate and for under twenty pounds you really are getting a bargain,i wish i had waited a week now instead of paying the full forty pounds!!
    Give it a go,be easy on the trigger under fire and for crying out loud makes sure you remember to crouch.
    If you have played MW2 or Battlefield games in the past then take those skills and tactics and apply them to K&L2,dont think because it appears like an arcadey game that it will be easy,it wont be.
    Think smart and act smart.

  3.  still.....


    This game rightly deserves its top reviews and as usual Bioware havent dissapointed its fans.
    Ive been a fan of Bioware since their early games when they were signed with Interplay(who are nomore).
    Few people ask how this game merit's full marks but they do and as a true gamer like many that have already reviewed this game i would like to point out to the ones that are saying its just a straight forward thrid person shooter.
    Gears Of War(3-5 hours to complete).
    Mass Effect games(30+ hours to complete).

    To be fair my first playthrough took me 60hrs and 37mns to complete but thats only because i wasnt rushing it and i was uncovering every part of Biowares beautiful game and taking in everything it has to offer and appreciating the effort that the developers put into their game,really admiring the graphics and also searching for abnomalies on planets and investigating.

    Imagine if Epic and other developers took notes from Bioware,our games like Gears Of War and other straight forward shooters could be mixed up a little,give players choice in the universe and generally mix up the game a little,making our experiences more fruitful would be a huge step in the right direction.
    Giving the player choice is where game experiences should be going and thankfully its adirection Bioware have never strayed from.If it wasnt for their D&D games and Baldurs Gate,and especially KOTOR where choice became a major factor in their games i wouldnt be a fan today.
    Now we just gotta wait for Mass Effect 3,please dont rush it Bioware,take your time and please keep working on dlc for ME2.
    And maybe in the future sometime we could have the new KOTOR released on 360 and hopefully a Jade Empire sequel.

    Amazing game and no other game out their except the original comes close to being as good.No other games on 360 compare to the experience you'll have on the Mass Effect games.

  4.  Atmosphere


    I noticed some reviews giving this game a 3,some even 2 out of 5.Anything below 3 is just plain wrong.
    Firstly the game isnt modern warfare,its not trying to be.If all games were like modern warfare most games would get tiring real quick.As for Modern Warfare and for any Call Of Duty game the AI always shoots at you and nobody else!Not even your own men fighting alongside you,they just shoot at you which is very poor and no COD game has gotten past that poor design flaw just yet.
    The AI in the Halo games is untouchable,that much is true.They run away when out numbered,they try flanking you if they're unsure and unable to take you down head on.They shoot at the AI team mates aswel giving you a chance to sort out a plan of attack under siege.
    Yeah you can aim down the sights of all the guns but thats Halo.Its quick and full proof gameplay that shines here along with the refined graphics.
    The atmosphere in this game is what really sells the title as when playing as the rookie you wake several hours after your drop,waking up to darkness and rain and the fact that your all alone.Patrols of Covenant rome the city and if you stay low and out of light its possibe to sometimes wip past them unseen.It really depends on your choices at hand.If you have the ammo and health you can choose to take them on,if not you can take your chances sneaking around them.
    Me and a friend played through it last night,took time off work.He didnt start leaving to go home til 6am this morning.
    We both enjoyed the game and after went onto playing Firefight,a cool Gears Of War style Horde mode but better as the gameplays quick and wild.Dodging shots and grenades keeping the players on their toes it really is a great little survival mode.
    Anyway,its a top game and i havent even mentioned the second disc yet with all the multiplayer stuff on.
    Its not Modern Warfare and it doesnt want to be.Its Halo and the best one weve played since the first game.Maybe even the best one.Play the game on Legendary and then lets see how quickly achievement hunters complete the game!
    Welldone Bungie.

  5.  5 star victory


    Other than the game being too yanky feeling its stil the best around and now knowing that the game appears this way because its the stuff Colin was getting into alot before his passing in 2007 makes it easier to accept.
    The yanks sometimes forget that its a British game or atleast they did with the original as in the states it was just called Dirt so i hope that this time its name as it should be by the man himself as it is here in Britain and Europe i.e Colin McRae Dirt.
    A great game by British Codemasters,the best at what they do and for good reason.

  6.  Madness


    This film is better than the sequel by 1star in my oppinion.Its enjoyable from begining to end but without too much crazy.
    Hollywood needs to get English born Jason into more movies as hes good at fighting and involves himself in as many stunts as the film guys will allow.
    Hes a cool actor from England and is in a variety of films which is more than i can say from most English actors.No James Bond for Jason thank god.



    As afew reviewers have stated this is a crazy film,more so than the first movie.
    Do not buy it if you are expecting realism although it does have realism about it.This game relates to crazy retro video games.
    Low on health,get power up and kill so many bad guys and earn an extra life lol. That sort of thing.
    Its not as good as the first one but its stil one crazy enjoyable ride from begining to end.