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  1.  AVOID!


    Shooting is awful. Dialogue system is terrible and such a disappointment. This is just a failure as a game. Let's hope Obsidian do a better job with Fallout New Vegas

  2.  Batman has not only saved gotham but the rest of the world..


    ... from another bad game. This is an outstanding acheivement of a game. Not since bioshock has so much effort gone into the environment you're trapped in. Combat is excellent, similar to assassin's creed but better by a longshot. Definitely a must buy game and the best superhero game ever made.

  3.  X-cellent


    Fantastic visuals, easy controls and really, really violent. Your flesh gets torn away in real time, exposing the adimantium skeleton beneath. Generally just great fun with a lot of hidden goodies as well, like the hatch from Lost and Arthas' sword from WOW.

  4.  The Helgahst are back with a vengence.


    This is an excellent shooter, it is basically gears of WWII. Online play is the best of any game that isn't Left 4 Dead.

  5.  An attempt to snatch Resi 4's glory


    Good game with great visuals. Just missing that extra something that made resi 4 a classic. The partner's AI could be a bit better, she insists on using the pistol when there are better weapons to use on tougher enemies. The new real time inventory system is tough to use as well. Only for die hard Resi fans. If you like shooting zombies, go for Left 4 Dead. If you like survival horror games, go for Dead Space.

  6.  The Dead Are Back!


    Greatest multiplayer game ever. Only buy if you have Xbox Live. Not that good without friends to play it with.