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  1.  Great fun


    I received this as a Xmas gift and have had great fun with it. It takes alittle time to get used to the controls but once you've trimmed the copter and mastered your take-off you'll be flying circles round your room in no time.

  2.  A really nice piece


    I was slightly dubious about purchasing this statue as Diamond Select can be often be hit or miss with their quality. I have to say though that I was very pleasantly surprised with how nice it is. The paintjob is flawless and at a good 12" it captures every detail incredibly well, right down to Spidey's detached eyeball sitting on a rock next to his decaying head. The sculpt is beautifully crafted and although not an exact reproduction of the Marvel Zombies cover art it is based on (I would have preferred a slightly bulkier Venom) it still offers a great representation of these two iconic characters. I bought mine when it was only £49.99 and used a £5 voucher on top of that so I feel I got an incredible bargain at just £45 for a very collectable display piece. Even at £59.99 though this is very much worth the money. It is also worth noting that this statue is limited to 2500 pieces worldwide and comes with a full colour certificate of authentication.

  3.  Works a treat


    I've had this for a couple of weeks now but only started using it to charge the wiimotes a few days ago. I've had absolutely no problems with it and it appears to be doing it's job just fine. As has been mentioned by others, the blue neon can be turned off if you wish although I quite like the way it looks. The stand comes with battery packs for 2 wiimotes which replace the standard backings and need to be fitted with 2 AAA rechargable batteries in each one. Once done this notably reduces the weight of the wiimotes making long periods of play more comfortable. To charge, the wiimotes slot into the charging docks tightly but without the need to remove the wrist-straps as some reviewers have suggested. The Wii can be switched to standby (orange light) and the neon can be turned off but the unit will continue to charge, which is great if you leave it going overnight. There are 3 stages to charging. First the red LED's will glow solidly, eventually they will slowly flash and once a full charge is reached they will blink quickly. This took about 8 hours for the first charge and a lot less for subsequent ones. A fully charged wiimote will allow at least 6 hours of continuous play. I have been storing the wiimotes back in their docks when not in use and have not encountered any issues with overheating, poor charging, crashing or damage to the wiimote.
    All in all this is a nice looking piece of equipment that does the job it is designed to do. For £9.99 you really can't go wrong.

  4.  Fun for all the family


    I bought this for the kids as they kept going on about how great it was. Although I was intrigued to see how it worked and have a go for myself I had already decided that my complete lack of musical talent would render me utterly useless at the game. How wrong I was! A simple user-interface and well designed controller mean that anyone can pick this up and not suck. I managed 95% on easy with a simple song on my third go and became instantly addicted. The track list is huge and diverse and it can be expanded further by completing certain levels. Turned up to '11' the sound is crystal clear and in all honesty you get so immersed that it's quite easy to imagine yourself on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans... at least that's what I did.