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  1.  Brilliant


    Watching the trailers etc and reading about this game before it came out, it had a lot to live up to with what it was promising,and by far it has not failed to deliver. The graphics are immense,especially for the open world environment,everything looks crisp and the game play is smooth. It's a very interactive environment and it still has the features of old of being able to traverse buildings etc easily.

    The combat system is also very good with a whole new host of weapons at your disposal. Definitely one of the best games of the year.


  2.  Brilliant!


    One of the best martial arts action films i have seen. I don't class this near the same sort of martial arts as Bruce Lee etc so it is not a comparison to that.

    The action in this is second to none and it will take a lot to beat. Think it has definitely made a name for it's self at the top. If you love fighting,guns,violence, and general walk into a room into a mass fight, this is the movie for you. 5*

  3.  Brilliant


    Being a huge fan of Resident Evil going back all the way to the PS1, i was hoping that this installment would be something big, and it doesn't disappoint. The graphics are brilliant along with the cinematic's , the game play it's self is very smooth and (so far) your AI team mates actually help quite a bit and don't get in the way.

    There's a huge variety to the game in terms of enemies, some are your average Resi zombie, while others will spout into mutated spiders and another range of things. The story it's self is different as there are 3 campaigns to choose from (4 when you complete the other 3). Each campaign is different and has a different ending, but all 3 of them loop in with each other at some point, so you get a better feeling for the story.

    Overall they have done a very,very good job with this one.

  4.  Brilliant


    I was debating if i should give this a 4 star rating over 5. Reason it was going to be 4 was that some of the cut scenes are very glitchy (lagging). But i decided that it isn't really that much of a big thing.

    The gameplay it's self is excellent. Smooth, without any lag. The graphics are good but in my opinion they've focused a lot more on the tactical side to this game than they have the graphics. Huge selection on weapons (unlock) and to be able to customise them with so many options.

    Overall it's a very good game and i would recommend to anyone who likes the tactical shooters.

  5.  Good prequel.


    If you remind yourself that this is a PREQUEL to John Carpenter's classic,then you won't be disappointed. There are a few reasons why i didn't enjoy this as much as the original. In my opinion,there is very little suspense compared to John Carpenter's, but you do see a lot more of the creature during this one,also more gore,and you get a better insite into the events that happened at the Norwegian base (from what you see in the original). I didn't enjoy this as much as JC's, but it's a great one to have as a sort of tie in to the classic.

  6.  Brilliant.


    Brilliant game. Graphics are excellent and so far the story is amazing. Has a lot of cutscenes which is good,adds to the game a lot more and brings the player in to it a lot.


  7.  Brilliant.


    Brilliant game. Graphics are amazing and the gameplay is smooth. Good list of characters for both Marvel and Capcom. A shame it dosen't have characters such as Venom,even though Spiderman is in but meh lol.

    5* overall.

  8.  Love it


    I was about 7 when i seen this for the first time,i'm 20 now and enjoy it just as much as i did back when i was a kid. Iv'e often thought that there are a lot of hidden messages in this move. Never lose your inner child! And in a sense it's a real 'Under Dog' storey. Geat,fun movie for anyone of any age.

    Gorgonites :)

  9.  Who let the dogs out!?


    First of all, i absolutely love this game. I think it's great that you get to do everything that you want in a Sims game, but you also get the added bonus of being able to share that with your Sim Pets.

    The gameplay is smooth and very responsive, so your Sim or Sim Pet does what you want pretty much straight away, sometime if they are already doing something then they will do the task you want after that. The only problem iv'e had so far with gameplay is that when i bought a new house, it had 2-3 levels (downstairs,upstairs etc) and my Sims couldn't get into the house, and you couldn't look inside either with the camera, which resulted in me having to lose 2 levels of the house just to get in.

    The graphics are crisp and there's a lot of detail to the items that you can buy and also the way your Sim & Pets look. There's also plenty to do with Karma powers, your pets also have wishes that need to be fulfilled so there's a lot to keep you busy.

    Overall a very,very good game to not take seriously. Good for just having a mess about.


  10.  The Truth Is Out There....


    It's hard to rate this in my opinion as it's more down to what the person watching it believes in as such. The movie is based around footage from "the mission that never was" Apollo 18, footage that was captured by the crew of Apollo 18 along with camera's on other items of equipment, but as with most things like this, the footage has been denied by NASA to be true. So if you believe in life beyond earth and government cover up's etc then you'll like this a lot more than someone who dosen't.

    But to try and even it out for those who don't believe in any of it, it's a good flick to own if you don't mind the documentary style viewing, there's a lot of suspense and good build up moments, more of a phycological horror.

    Good movie all round for those who believe and those who don't.