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  1.  Disney Classic


    101 Dalmations was my favourite film when I was younger, I would always be watching it, It is an amazing story about how 2 dogs find their owners love and then eventually marry, and then in time Perdy and Pongo (the Dalmations) have puppies of their own, 101 to be exact! I don't think the sequals are as good as the original. :).

  2.  Look Good But...


    I am Team Edward. So these pyjamas are perfect. But the only thing is they look really small. Because it says womens size but then by the side of it, it says teens. So I am not sure if I am going to end up buying them because I am not sure how the size works out, if anyone knows and could let me know I would really appreciate it. =].

  3.  Love It!!


    I am a MASSIVE fan of Twilight. But my boyfriend isn't so when he stays over at my house he gets a bit annoyed because he has to sleep with Edward, Jacob and Bella!! I have bought lots of other things to do with Twilight, I have got all of the books, all of the DVD's [so far], And I have also got posters, [but they don't go on my wall, Land lord doesn't want blue tak on the walls!] And I have got hoodies and T-Shirts that I wear as a night shirt and I also have some Edward Cullen pyjamas. I am thinking about getting some of the figurines. So I guess you could say that I am a Twilight Super Fan,

    Twilight isn't just for children, I am twenty and have even got some of my family members interested in it. Not as much as me, but it won't be long before they are!

    And I am Team Edward. =].

  4.  Great Idea!


    I recieved these earlier in the year for my birthday from my boyfriend. And I thought that it was a really sweet and different way of expressing their feelings. Now these toast stamps get used on a regualr basis. And for that reason that is why I am giving it 5 stars.

  5.  A-M-A- Zing!!


    This CD is absolutely amazing. All of the songs on the album are up beat, so it doesn't matter what mood you are in, it will always cheer you up. And that is the reason why I have decided to give this 5 stars. I think my favourite songs are; Can't Back Down, and Wouldn't Change A Thing.

    I would definately recommend anyone who either liked Camp Rock or is just some music to put them in the feel good mood. =].