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  1.  Game not finished, now changed my mind!


    I may change this review. As I type this, the game is downloading god knows how much data as an update. My internet connection is about 7mps and so far taken half an hour to get to 40%. Its about time these game makers finish the programing before selling them. I'm sure the game will be good just at 32 pounds for a PC game, imho it should be finished. It has only been out a week! I will update this once I get to play it............zzzzzzzz
    Ok so I have played this game for a few days now and I must say it is about the best looking PC game I have played. I have an i5 2500k, 8Gb 1600mhz ram and GTX 560 all over clocked and it will run on high setting fine. Story so far good and controls are easy to master using Xbox controller. I recommend you buy this game.

  2.  Don't waste your money!


    Ok so if you like violence and fighting this could have been a good film but its not. Turn the settings to English 5.1 HD audio and your be in for a treat as the poor lip sync surrounds you and the echo of the poor audio reverberates around your room like it was filmed in the bathroom. All in all dont waste your money what a let down. O and I didnt watch it all as it was that bad.

  3.  1 of the best games...ever!


    If you like shoot-em UPS this is the game for you. Being nearly 40 on line gaming is normally out the question, but as this is so real I stand a good chance of holding my own. The main game is very good and I'm now playing for the second time. Graphics are first class, game play first class and the on-line will keep this game going for months. I can't recommended enough, go and buy it!

  4.  Very very bad controls !


    I just got a new gaming PC and thought I would get myself a new driving game to show off how good it is. The Graphics are ok to good with good detail and effects. However as with all games and certainly driving games, its the controls that can make a good game great, this is not a good game as the steering is very bad. I have spent hours adjusting the settings, going on the internet to find out what is best. I also got an X box controller to use as this was recommended. On the drift levels the car automatically jumps from drifting from one way to the other. This is not real at all. The likes of Race driver Grid are far far better. I will never buy another Need For Speed game again.

  5.  PS3's Best Game, must buy.


    Have only played just over 4 hours but this is the best game I have played. If you like GTA type games your love this. Controls are easy to pick up to.You can do almost anything and the map so vast it should keep the most dedicated gamed busy for some time. Cars, boats, planes etc are all very good, graphics are spot on. Missions so far are fun. You're also able to do anything you like when you like, gun fighting, running someone over, sky diving, swimming, climbing up the side of a very large building or mountain etc etc etc. The best open world game yet, go and buy it !

  6.  The best game on PS3 recommended


    If you like tomb raider your love this. Without doubt the best looking game on PS3, controls easy to use which can make or brake a game. This is a must have for any shot em up adventure fans, even if your not your still going to enjoy this. Nocks the spots of Assisin Creed. Top PC graphics for 1/4 of the price, PS3 rocks. Well recommended go and treat yourself