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  1.  Absolutely Briliant!


    I can say no wrong about this product. Honestly. It's one of the best portable devices I have ever bought, and I do not regret it one bit. It's so much more than an MP3 player. You can play video, download music straight from iTunes direct to your ipod, watch videos on YouTube, view google maps, view any website you could normally visit on a computer or laptop. This is not to mention the fault-less touch mechanisms and a massive database of user made, and official, applications.

    Applications are programmes designed for used on the iPod touch. Whether it be a flashlight app, that turns the entire screen white and, therefore, into a mini flashlight. There is an app for reading BBC news on the go. There is an app for Facebook, Twitter, Sky News, Ustream. Whatever you can imagine, there's a strong chance that an app exists for it. Not only that, some of them are free and can be downloaded within seconds, direct to your ipod or via itunes.

    Quite simply, the Ipod touch is an absolutely fantastic device that I can say no wrong about. It may be a bit on the pricey side for some people, but it's money well worth spent if you ask me. I did not purchase mine from here, but I am writing this review in the belief that it may convince some people to buy it from here, because the ipod touch is brilliant.

  2.  Better than season 1


    24 is, in my opinion, an absolutely brilliant TV show. Suspenseful, exciting, exhilarating, and shocking. I purchased the season 1-6 boxset 2 weeks ago. It wasn't from here, but I still have to review this.

    I am currently up to episode 13/24 of season 2. What I have seen so far has been nothing short of brilliant. The storyline of season 2 feels a lot more 'complete' than the first. The new set of characters introduced also add another level of 'new' to everything. It feels, at times, nothing like season 1 at all.

    The negatives - Kim bloody Bauer. If you thought she was bordering on ridiculous in season 1, then be prepared for sheer madness in season 2. She's worse than before, gets herself into situations you'd only wish she'd never return from, and her storyline runs parallel to the main story, and hinders it at that. The actress plays the part perfectly fine, but with the script she's running from, it all just becomes a complete joke at times.

  3.  If brilliance were in form of a game, this would be it


    Fallout 3 is a magnificent, thought provoking and wonderful game in all manner of speaking.

    It's enormous, there is so much to do and explore that it's crazy. There are a long list of 'moral choices' to participate in during the game. The voice work is brilliant, the guns are fab and the storyline is also great.

    What I will say, and this was the case for Oblivion, the character animations are poor, and often look like you're sliding across the floor when moving. This is definitely an area that could be improved on, but as a whole, Fallout 3 is pure excellence.