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  1.  Nothing below 5 out of 5 acceptable


    OK, when people complain that the film is not in widescreen, they do not know anything about this film or in fact the film creation process. In order for this film to be in widescreen, they would have had to re-make the whole thing (unthinkable), or re-draw the lost edges (impossible). As another reviewer has stated, any "widescreen" version is a fake, they've used simple tricks such as cropping or stretching to fill a widescreen space, there is NO widescreen version of this film because it was NEVER MADE IN WIDESCREEN.

    Stunning steady picture quality, the colours and quality of the drawn lines, for a 70 year old movie, is astonishing. The scenery and backgrounds are absolutely brilliant. This is easily one of the best Blu-Ray releases, but I'm biased slightly because this is one of my favourite films ever made.

  2.  Unfinished?


    This game felt unfinished. It's very buggy, where if you even try to follow your own initiative and don't let the game follow you by the hand, it'll punish you with bugs such as being unable to progress due to German enemies being trapped in a wall (leading you to find all of the games design flaws such as invisible walls and holes in the environments). It's basically a game of "run here" and "shoot that NOW" which does sound fun, but even the other Call of Duty games and even the old Medal of Honour games gave you a little scope in how to go about doing it.

    The animation is still very cartoony as are the plastic-looking graphics which are stuck in that "First-gen-next-gen" style that most games of the console were stuck in upon the consoles release. It's certainly mutton dressed as lamb, there's nothing next gen about this game at all.

    It doesn't feel finished, it lacks that final polish where the kinks have been ironed out, and some of the bugs are real showstoppers.