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  1.  I Love This Game!


    I have owned the 360 and PS3 in the past but got rid of them and decided to game on my PC. As my PC is getting on a bit I ummed and arred and decided to try it on the Wii. I must admit I was a bit sceptical as whether it would be any good or not as I waited for it to load up. But man was I surprised, the graphics are the best I've seen on the Wii. OK they're not as polished as the HD consoles but are crisp and clear with nice textures the frame rate gets a bit choppy when the action really heats up but not so much as it is unplayable. It's good to see that Treyarch have included multiplayer and zombie mode. The campaign is very enjoyable and the story is good. No problem with the controls took me a bit to get used to but I now prefer them to a normal controller, If you have a TV thats compatible make sure you get the component cable to really appreciate the visuals. This game proves that the Wii can be a great system for the more serious gamer. GET IT BOUGHT!

  2.  Probally as close to being a Jarhead as you want to get!


    First of all, if you are expecting this to be like COD MW then don't bother buying it because you will be very disappointed. However if you are a fan of tactical games like Full Spectrum Warrior, then this game delivers with the added bonus of being a FPS. The graphics are good and the atmosphere of the game is awesome. The missions are varied and the physics of the game are good. You can see tracer ricocheting of hard surfaces and the bullet changing its trajectory just like in real life. You even have to aim higher at distances to allow for bullet drop. Most fire fights happen between 100 and 300 meters, which I understand is the norm. If you want to succeed at his game you have to use your loaf. The learning curve is steep, and it does take get a while to get into it but then something clicks and the game takes over your life. I find myself replaying missions to see if I can do them any better. I for one find this game a refreshing addition to FPS genre, and hope to see many more like it. This is a good game, do not compare it to COD MW (which is excellent) because they are two totally different animals. Well done Code Masters!

  3.  The Best Console Ever!


    I have owned the Xbox and the Wii, don't get me wrong they are good consoles but I have found that they were just ornaments after the novelty had worn off. I mainly got the PS3 for the BLU RAY and so far I am not disapointed. I consider myself a casual gamer and what games I have played on it are excellent. I loved the PS2 but I am totally head over heels for the PS3. I love the look of the slim version and it is a great addition to my set up. Get one, now that it is affordable I personally think the PS3 is about take the next gen crown as king of consoles!!!!! At £250 this is a bargain!!!

  4.  Brilliant game for a brilliant handheld!


    It seems the GT purists are moaning that there are no upgrades, career mode or license tests. I don't think that is a bad thing. Being able to jump straight into a race is good, as well as just getting credits to buy bigger and better cars. The tracks and and cars are rendered in stunning detail, so good in fact it is hard to believe your playing on a PSP. This is a good fix of Gran Turismo for when you are on the move. I am totally hooked on this version, but I can't wait for GT5 because that game will be the only reason I am buying a PS3. If you like the collecting element of the GT series then get this game, if you are a purist you should still get it for the realistic handling and the thrill of the race, considering the limitations of the PSP polyphony digital have done an excellent job of porting the GT experience over to the console. The only small gripe for me is the lack of online mode but hey ho you can't always have your cake and eat it.

  5.  Zombie-tastic!


    The game is awesome, brilliant plot great voice overs, had me in stitches. The graphics are the best I have seen on the Wii, only problem is the machine stutters a bit during play but it is being pushed to its limits. Easy to pick up hard to put down, would recommend gun holder for wiimote. This game is ultra gory and the language is a bit strong so its no good for kids and some adults I suppose. One other gripe is that its a bit short but you will find yourself going back thru the game to better your score and keep the goregasm going as long you can. Sets a new standard in wii graphics, a must buy for any b movie zombie fan!

  6.  Rock on BUT.....................


    What a game, good tracks easy to pick up and hard to put down. I did not think the GH3 could be beaten but they have done it with this. If you already have an existing Explorer (wired controller) stick with that. The only gripe I have is with the new guitar, the one I had had 2 sticky fret buttons that would either jam just as you selected a note or not work at all, after a few days of playing the strum bar squeeked very annoying. I have seen other reviews else where about this problem. The game on its own gets 5 stars from me, but as for the guitar pack it gets 4.

  7.  ROCK ON!!!!!


    What a game, YOU have to have this. The mix of tunes is good there is something for everyone, the guitar controller is exellent, I have played the 360 version with both the wired and wireless controllers and I think the Wii version is alot better. Don't be put off by not being able to download new songs. There are plenty to go on with. This game really gets better as you progress on hard it really draws you in, buy it you won't regret it!

  8.  Kane and Lynch Dead Good-ish!!


    Got this for xmas, was a bit dissapointed with the graphics, and the camera and shooting took a bit of getting use to, but hey what a game, decent story line Great action. I love it. Would deffo say try before you buy, give it a chance. I would say the shooting is realistic most of your enemies (cops swat etc) would be wearing tactical body armour so head shots are a must if you want to get things done. Just remember nice graphics are good but great game play is better!