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  1.  Better than Resistance 2


    I really enjoyed the game. The multiplayer was quite fun, especially once you get more unlocks. However after a week or two there were people who were so unbalanced (lvl 60, with rocket launchers etc) and it was not htat fun anymore.
    Singleplayer is much much better than r2 even though they stretch out the ending by a bit.

  2.  The daddy of simulator games is back


    I will write this review in only

    Mindboggling- the amount of content in this game: 1000+ cars, 70+ tracks, online support, the list of features in this game goes on and on.
    Intricate- the detail on the 200 premium cars is out of this world. If you are a car nut you need to buy this game. If you are serious about video games as an interactive medium, you need to buy this game. If you have any taste for gorgeous cars recreated and would like to simulate how it feels driving a lamborghini at 170 mph round a corner, buy this game. It is that gorgeous.
    Multiplayer- 16 player online (archaic, but still is present), split screen multiplayer

    Simply put this game has been 5 years in the making, and will probably give you 5 years worth of gameplay

  3.  Best piece of handheld gaming ever


    I will profess that I sold my psp 1000 2 years ago (due to lack of good games and just didn't use it that much) I have had a DS lite for some time and I love it, but the graphics are a bit terrible and after playing Contra 4, Super Mario DS, the 2 Zeldas, I have decided to come back to PSP. It's an amazing piece of kit, perfect for my commutes which last 1-2 hours (don't plan to play for more than 3hours as the battery isn't as good as the DS)

    It is so convenient to have all the games on the console itself, no faffing around looking for UMD discs. And the fact that PSP 2 is coming soon and will be UMD-free and probably will be backwards compatible, so it's better to buy your games online now.

  4.  What a steal!


    I remember buying a ps3 after seeing this game (and after the price drop) WOW what an amazing game, the graphics are top notch, the gameplay is so fun, the animations and facial expressions make you feel like you're in a blockbuster movie. There are tons of replay value with the trophies, rewards in the game, unlockables etc.

    Truly amazing game, a tour de force on the ps3! With the 2nd one coming in a few months, this is a franchise you definitely need to experience!

  5.  Not good at all


    This game lacks polish, it's like the developers tried to cram in all the ideas they thought would be fun, and then had no time to really polish each of them, balance the game etc. Basically you get loads of powers, so many powers you would need 2 controllers to pull all of them, there are places you have to press 2+ buttons at the same time, and it's not comfortable at all.

    The gore is great, but after your 20th enemy killed with the blades, there's not much you can do. The enemies in this game are ruthless, anytime you get a mission expect to be blown to bits by missiles/bullets/tanks/choppers.

    The story is not that great either, it's your typical oh you got infected and have superpowers type of game.

    Could have been a good game if they had tweaked the gameplay.

  6. BioShock



    4 New from  £27.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.99

     Amazing storyline but weak gameplay


    This game is great overall, the atmosphere is awesome, as is the storyline, but it stumbles on the gameplay blocks. There is no weight to the character, the camera movements are 'odd'.
    Buy it to experience the storyline, but be aware that the trophies are hard to get, and the gameplay overall is weak.

  7.  Prettiest shooter ever.


    Another title to showcase the power of the ps3, you can almost feel the smoke in your face when you go on Salamun bridge.

    The realism this game achieves be it in the singleplayer or multiplayer maps is just amazing.

    All the control issues have been resolved with the newest patch as well.

  8.  The best platinum game so far


    This is one of those must haves games for your ps3, along with uncharted! Just get it and be amazed at the power of your console! :)

  9. inFamous



    6 New from  £13.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.98

     The best sandbox game of this generation


    I'll be short and quick. This game is like GTA meets Spiderman meets Star Wars meets Bioshock. And where each of these games stumbles, Infamous soars higher than ever before. It doesn't redefine the genre, but definitely turns it on its head with the dual story lines, amazing graphics (expect pop-in when moving fast though), solid framerate and smooth as butter and super responsive gameplay.

    There is no multiplayer in this game (tbh don't know how it would have worked) but expect 20 hours to get through the story once, then play it again for the other ending... then there are dead drops (collectable audio tapes which fill you in the story), blast shards (collectables which give you more energy), new powers to unlock etc... well there is immense replay value. The trophies are not too hard to get either.

    All in all, the best game this summer. Period.