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  1.  Not for young children.


    This is a great cookie jar in fairness, i measured it to hold roughly 3.462 Ltres of volume, in my house that translates to roughly 900 cookies. so restocking is only an issue once or twice a week now.

    But of course my son wanted wear this as a hat and the seal stuck to his neck trapping his head, we had to take him to the hospital and have the helmet removed through surgeory, which went wrong and resulted in further, intense brain surgeory. Overall i would say only buy this if you genuinely only want to keep biscuits in it, was it worth it after the surgeory bills tho? probably not. 3 stars.

  2.  Bring Me The hair straightner!!!!! oh genius!


    First two tracks here are the two tracks that will be dragging in BMTH fans for the next few years, with their catchy and quirky riffs, eternally in the bands finer moments. Third track "Written in blood" begins to demonstrate that this is the record Oli Sykes has always wanted to make, by ripping off a poet. Live fave "Football season is over" is the fun and fast band that you remember from the early EP as is "Diamonds aren't forever". "The sadness will never end" features that fella' from Architechts sticking in a fine vocal performance, making a mockery of Oli's emotional scream (or shout). The album peaks on closing track "suicide season" which is drenched with the smelly scent of a band with a reason (a first for this band).

    Overall this album showcases the kind of music this band should be making, the being fast and loud for the sake of it has been toned down to give way to some good songwriting and thought. Those of us who claimed the band were never gonna last the winter, might just be proven wrong with this one.

  3.  A worthwhile purchase for fans of the EP


    Opener "Pray for plagues" is probably the strongest song on this album showcasing the best of the musicianship and vocals the band can muster, perhaps this is the problem though, the following two tracks deliver similar quality but it's after this point you realise although they're very good at playing the dreaded deathcore, they offer little diversity and there are only so many breakdowns you can hear before they all begin to sound the same, this can be expected as it is a debut, but the two instrumentals on this album are a real shame, they both clock in at under two minutes and altough they are lovely little pieces, they both have the potential to become full tracks, never realised.

    Highlights include "pray for plagues", "Black and blue" and "i used to make out with medusa", but the advice i give is to make sure you really like the more popular tracks on the album before parting with the cash, as you won't be suprised with a sonically, mind-blowing death metal ear-attack, so much as a recyclation of you're favourite tracks.

    A decent debut worth buying, although the odds of you listening to this record in a couple of years time is a different matter entirely.

  4. Load


    Metallica - CD

    17 New from  £6.10  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     A Good Rock Album, No more no less.


    The first half dozen or so tracks on this arena rock anthems collection are great, rockin', groovy tracks. "king nothing" is one of Metallica's finest singles, on par with Enter sandman for hooks, "hero of the day", picks up after a plodding intro to deliver a fine cowboy inspired vocal performance.

    If the album continued to deliver the same quality in the second half as it did in the first all would be well. But the album begins to spiral into a lack of direction which produces forgettable, moments and songs. This is probably due to the predictability of the songwriting. Lars' drumming seems as if its a necessity, ploughing through the songs and Kirk's tendancy to rely on a single lick or blues scale throughout a song gives the impression of an amateur guitarist gone mad with a wah pedal glued to his foot, lazy playing from an excellent soloist, not his finist studio performance. Musically, man of the match goes to Jason Newstead who seems to excell in this era of Metallica providing the better of the riffs and intros on the album, a benefit to the songwriting on this album.

    For Metallica fans who aren't prejeduce against the 90's era, no second thought is required with regards to purchasing this record, as its filled with great riffs and hooks, but the album as a whole seems to capture Metallica too combfortable, the product, a glorified jam session.

  5.  is it a stalactite or a stalagmite?!?!?


    Within moments of opening track "hall of the dead" (featuring Adam Jones) crackling it's way through the speakers, the familier, warm isis sound soon floods itself back into you're room as if it never left. Followed by "ghost key" and "hand of the host" the unpredictable melodys and clear vocals are halted only by the punishing and brutal growls.

    Like all ISIS albums the new one is even more ambient than the last one this is showcased throughout the entire album, especially on closer "threshold of transformation".

    Every song on this record is beautifully written and combined, deserve to be cited as one of the finer moments in isis's colourful career, a true return to form.

  6.  Argh!!!!!!!


    Album number 2 from canada's angry angriest anarchists is a complete transformation from debut Birthing the giants.
    opening track hail destroyer can be cited as one of the angriest and most rockin' outros in hardcore (quite an acheivment), other highights include smiling politely, deathsmarch and the all too heavy Lucifer's rocking chair!

    It's about time you owned this! :)

  7.  New metalcore direction should stay. It works.


    Great album. Kind of scary how they are able to carry so much emotion through. Some great riffs and lyrics. Lindows voice the strongest its ever been, his trademark throat gargle remains!
    Personnel favourite is Absent are the saints but these songs are so strong it really could be any track.

    And the closest reminder riff is sweet :)

  8.  As deep as a sock drawer!


    This album with each listen reveals more layers upon layer of the intricate, yet playfull sound Coheed have delivered over the years.
    From opener always and never this albbum shows its of to something a little more ambitious, the prog anthem that is welcome home is almost too good.

    Wake Up is possibly the nicest song ever penned, ever and the lying something of whatever her name is also proves particuarly sweet.

    An album any fan of Easy listening, Prog, classic rock or just passionately written music yould enjoy. A good place to start for Coheed newcomers aswell.

  9.  For those who dare still beleive....


    To be brutal this is an old time metallica album, it's all pretty thrashy again and the first half a dozen tracks all showcase the energy "re-captured", but, this was never gonna beat the first four, and it doesn't. Get the first four, first, but don't forget this real gem in the metallica catalouge :)

  10.  Possibly The Best Debut Ever


    Opener It's a long way to the top is easily the most epic song ever written followed by one of Bon's lyrical highlights in Rock 'n roll singer, The album also has tracks which are common and to AC/DC's set list today The Jack, High Voltage and Live wire. A must have.