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  1.  Not what i expected


    I did not enjoy this film when i saw it in cinema. It was bordering on documentary tbh. I use facebook and when the trailer came out i was quite interested, (even tho im usually a romcom fan) it was different and there was a lot of hype about it but after seeing it i wouldnt recommend it, i couldnt wait for it to be over so i could leave the cinema lol.

  2.  shapeless


    it feels good quality but the sleeves dont sit right on the shoulders and it makes the top look shapeless. It is also baggier than i thought, i wish id bought a smaller size =/

  3.  A good book!


    The beginning was good, the middle was boring and the ending was great! The books are starting to lack in a sort of romance as the series goes along but im hoping book 11 will be much better! worth a read though.

  4.  You must watch this film!


    I saw this film in 3D at the cinema when it first came out and iv been recommending it to people ever since. Its a very long film but its worth it! buy it, you wont regret it.

  5.  No where near as funny as i predicted


    I love comedies, some of my favourites are hangover, superbad and the inbetweeners (i no its not a movie). This film was rated so high and so many good things were said about it. so i watched it. but i just didnt find it that funny =/ thats probably why its so cheap.

    Im giving it a 3 star because of Christopher mintz-plasse. He stole the show.

  6.  Astonishing film!


    There has been so many films that have tried to recreate this style film and i have got to say this film i think really captured the siuation from every angle with excellence. The acting was superb could not ask for better especially the final scene with the mother. I agree with what a few people have said that the germans should have spoke with even a slight accent but that is a very small fault. Buy this film and keep the tissues near by; this will get you sobbing your heart out!

  7.  Great game for DS


    This game is not like most nintendo DS games; you cant actually complete it in a day. But after you have completed it you can still play the game and try and find everything there is to find which is good. A must buy but i must warn you, it is very addictive when you first get it!

  8.  Light hearted comedy


    When i saw that Night At The Museum 2 was coming out i decided to watch the first one. I think its a good film. 8-14 year olds would thoroughly enjoy this film. Ben Stiller is a great actor and plays the role well as expected. Worth buying as its not just a one time watch film.

  9.  Best comedy series on TV


    I only saw last 3 episodes of the first series and they was very funny which made me really get into the second series. In one of the episodes Neil punches a fish and i have never laughed so much in my life, i was crying with laughter. My mum even enjoys the show.
    My only faults would be that there is not enough episodes in a series and also i believe that it is only a one time watch.
    If you haven't seen Inbetweeners you are missing out!

  10.  Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging... Very enjoyable


    As a 17 year old girl i thought that the film would be too childish for me but i was wrong. There was moments that made me cringe, such as the some of the things the characters said or done which i have never known anyone to every say or do but other than that it was a great film; good storyline and good acting. I recommend it for young teenage girls.