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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11

    Nintendo Wii

    8 New from  £6.27  Free delivery

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     Fifa 11, waste of money!


    Bought fifa 11 the day it came out. Im hugely disappointed. Career mode is ok but soon gets boring as having limited control over other players is so fustrating. (you can get another player to close down man with the ball, but actually getting the player you want rarely happens). You also earn power ups after each win, most of which are utter garbage: big vs small, your players are huge, opponents are midgets! also tackle, pass, shooting boosters... why!? And if you make it to the FA cup final and your playing a lower league team, you'll play at their pokey little ground, why not Wembley??

    5 a side isnt too bad and theres good fun playing with different goal types.

    Playing the normal management mode is poor. Buying players uses points and stars?? I assume the bank of england copyright'd pounds did they!? Ive never played fifa 10 as there were bad reviews on that too so cant draw comparisons with that.

    Yet again the wii has been exposed as the poor cousin in the console world, this game feels like it was thrown together as an afterthought. You want a decent fifa for the wii?? buy fifa 09!

  2.  Y Files


    I remember watching the x files year after year as a kid and loved them all. First film was ok but this second film really is poor. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are great as always but the plot is truly dreadful. Fortunately I rented this as if id bought it id be really anoyed.

  3.  Bangkok Boring


    Ive long been a fan Mr Cage, however I have to say this is one of the worst films ive seen him in. Watched this aftera few beers as thought Id really enjoy it. Has some ok fight scenes but 99%of this movie is utter garbage.

  4.  Rockstar


    In my opinion one the best films ive seen in years. Hilarious in all the right places, Gerard Butler is fantastic. Outstanding allround.

  5.  Eden Lake


    Not a bad film.. Well worth watching, makes you want to go chav bashing even more than normal! Lovely.

  6.  Pineapple


    Not a bad film but not as good as what we have all come to expect from Seth Rogan and co. Worth watching as it has its moments, just dont expect Knocked Up/Superbad level of entertainment...