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  1.  Simple but a goody


    I bought this even reading the bad reviews on here as like most am a huge fan of the show
    I like it, each part of play is split into acts and you get to be virtually everyone from Meredith and Derek to Vince (the nurse guy) and Richard.
    The games are simple and a bit repetitive but i find as you progress through the episodes (currently on episode 3) they do get harder and more fustrating but addictive. 14.00 is around what i paid and it was worth it. If you are one of those thats likes the surgeries (they are extemely simple tho) and you were dieing at the end of series 3 to get Meredith and Derek together than this is for you

  2.  If you already have New Moon then...


    I don't know you could just buy this for the different covers (thats exactly what i did)
    I love this picture because it is slightly different from the main promotional shot for new moon but now you can see that Edward is in pain for leaving Bella
    It takes pride of place on my bookcase and i recommend it to any hardcore Twilight fans who are collecting everything or just anyone who wants a decent book

  3.  Breathtaking


    I am flicking between Team Jacob and Edward now
    This book is the Original New Moon that we all love
    The cover and poster make this worth while (if you haven't already bought the book in another format) the pictures i feel are breathtaking and depicts Bella's mood throughout the book perfectly
    Currently the 3rd New Moon book i own because of the different covers and this one deserves a space up on a bookshelf

  4.  Excellent!


    I saw this today in a shop and really want it but already had alot of Twilight stuff in my basket (next time)
    The chain is long and the Wolfpack symbol is small but highly detailed
    On the back it has along the lines of "I'll always be with you" on one half and on the other "i'll never leave you"
    I really want this!!!!

  5.  Excellent but not like the Pic


    Like previously mentoined the V is white/beige and in the litte crest the "tree emblem thingys" are white
    DO NOT LET THIS PUT YOU OFF.... this is a highly detailed embroided product that will last a while and is a great way of subtly showing the Twilight Nut underneath without totally announcing it. Mine is definately coming with me to the gym to show off there!

  6.  Brilliant


    Fits an adult wrist perfectly as well like with most rubber it stretches
    As previously mentoined the cullen crest it higly detailed and while wearing it you do not realise the charm is there
    Perfect way to show the true vampire girl within
    The New Moon band is nice, i only bought these bands for the Vampire girl, i might have worn the New Moon one aswell if it was done like the New Moon logo but it is not
    In my opinion this is worth the money compared to others i have seen

  7.  Nice beanie


    It arrived today and i thought "Oh its just a transfer"
    Since purchasing it and it arriving today i thought that the Crest would be raised and rubber which it ain't which now looking at the picture again it was me who was wrong. Fits perfectly
    I love that it has on the back the Twilight New Moon Logo and i will definately be wearing it in the next few cold months

  8.  I love it but there is just something....


    It is how it looks in the picture but made from canvis material and i assumed it would have been different
    There is not any inner pockets but you have got a reversable bag to pledge your allegence for Team Edward/ Jacob so that is a major plus point
    I like it, the poppers for the handle do feel like they could break easily if not careful. It is the perfect handbag size in my opinion there is just something that makes me wary and i'm not sure what it is......

  9.  Love it!


    Bag have just arrived and it is perfect... almost
    the logo is a teeny bit smaller and more of a dull copper colour than an orange like the picture shows which i think is better
    It has got a tiny zipped pocket on the inside that will fit phone and ipod. The general size of the bag will fit a A4 folder as this is now my college bag... Overall excellent product

  10.  too small


    Okay its an excellent wrist band and i love the design- it also is a tiny bit ambigious so you could wear it if your a true blood fan and no one would know the difference unless they grabbed your wrist
    I'm disappointed because it is too small for my wrists
    It will approximately fit a 16cm round wrist. My wrist band is currently endorsing the handle of my university bag so i would recommend adults to buy the rubber "Vampire Girl" wrist band as it will stretch and i'm heading over to order mine now