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  1.  Hmmmmm =/


    I Pre-ordered this game being an avid fan of the previous 3 Virtua Tennis games but i have severe mixed feelings about this game. Playing the game the first thing you are welcomed with once again is another very cheap looking sega options screen, but i decided there were more important things and welcomed it as something of an expected suprise. Having read the previews saying there would be the top 20 male pros i was suprised to notice only 10 male players and Juan Carlos Ferrero thrown in on the womens row?!?! It was clear whilst playing the game that the main problem with this game is that it is far too rushed, with dodgy sound effects, late cheering from the crowd and an abnormally sized ball on the replays the overall playing experience just isnt as fun as it used to be. Unfortunately the world tour mode is once again boring and the pain of creating a character that in no way can you get it to look anything like you is still the 1st chore, from there on im affraid it gets worse, starting as an amateur you are forced to play a selection of strange, scary looking made up opponents in order to progress as a pro, but i quickly gave up that as when winning events you barely move just a couple of places in the rankings and havent even been bothered to look at many of the newfeatures in World Tour.....if there are any??? The Online play im affraid is hindered that you can only use your created players in Rank Matches. So i have now come to terms with playing with pro's in player matches. But being a Virtua Tennis fan for many years i feel it would be wrong to concentrate soully on the bad points, the mini games are fun just like VT3 and with a few new additions make a fun multiplayer experience, the AI in whole is generally easy but the Very Hard difficulty does give you a good game. Although the experience doesnt feel slightly as good as the previous games in the series, I still found the Exhibition mode strangely addictive and managed to put the rushed features to the back of my mind and enjoy a five setter. I can't decide whether i'm being too harsh and expecting too much from Sega or whether im letting my love for the previous VT games get in the way of slating this game but my overall ratings are listed below.
    Gameplay 7/10
    Graphics 5/10
    Online Play 4/10
    Overall 5/10
    Im sad to say in all im disappointed with this game and had it been a top spin game and not virtua tennis my ratings would probably be a lot lower. I was hoping this game would be one of the best so far this year and would bring a lot of enjoyment, but im affraid to say i will be reverting back to the previous game i brought UFC Undisputed and perhaps play this game occasionally with the girlfriend as its only plus points are in the multiplayer party games.