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  1.  A wicked tale of love and sorcery


    When you see Helen Millen is in a film you expect for it to have hit wrote all over it. The critics i think were quite harsh about this adaptation.I loved it though it was visionally stunning as you would expect from a Julie Taymor film. The musicallity and special effects are very good and create a magical feel. The cast are a mixture of pros and newcomers to the classical works. Every person plays there parts perfectly and the extras of improv by Russell Brand and the documentary about how they made such a beautifull vision come alive are really interesting.

  2.  A wonderful expression of love & growth


    I went to see the new Arthur on the Good Friday twice. Mainly because i loved it but secondly i was amazed at the beauty of Russell's acting. I've since seen it another 2 x at the pics since!. I did approach watching the film with trepidation as it is a remake of something i love dearly. I usually don't like remakes as they usually pail into comparison to the originals. But there was a gentle beauty to Arthur you could tell he could be a difficult winging man child but he had a soul. He wanted to be a better person in this version. He was aware of his failures and weaknesses. Dudley's Arthur was still an alcoholic up until Arthur 2 on the rocks. Brands was an aware drunk he was mindful of the harm he caused people. The fact that Hobson was a woman gave great levity to it as she was like a mam to him and most blokes are closer to there mams than dads. It made me laugh and cry in equal measures. It has a beautiful soul to it and russell's eyes express every emotion. I loved it so the critics can just go jump! x

  3.  Horror as it should be done


    brilliant film the true horror is in the man who has been wronged. This is an amazing film i would write more but i would give to much away buy it! x

  4.  absolutely beautiful tales of love


    Each tale represents its era it is both heart-breaking and provoking i am not ashamed to say i cried buckets at the older ladies tale such predjudice shouldnt excist in this world as love should provail but some times this isnt the case brilliant set of stories.

  5.  katchem and kill'm


    The original film is worth the price alone as it is trully a creepy and suspensful film. You actually get the sense this is a true story, yet alot of people believe it was the biggest marketing scam before the crap that was blair witch. The second one is good Ryan Reynolds plays evil well not that you would think it if you've seen Van Wilder but the story has too many special effects and cgi moments to believe in the reality especially with the daughter and the ghost but just as a story both are creepy and worth a look.

  6.  bit twisted but amusing


    This is a good film i watched it years ago and just recently bought it as my sister liked the new one, so i wanted to show her the original and she enjoyed it. Yes theres no great big flashy stunts involving cgi and the car chases arent the best ive seen but carradine is great as frank and his love story with his navigator isnt a conventional one as they want to take down the president the plot isnt the same as the new one but its solid and watchable. The shocking bit is the killing of the pedestrians you get 70 points for an old person and what happens at the hospital is intresting deffinately worth a look if only for sly and carradines rather pathetic girlie fight in the car park.

  7.  full marks


    Yes its a juvinille film but what do you expect the whole fun of the film is that he has to go through school from the 1st grade if he acted like a grown up there wouldnt be a story. Its a good laugh with some odd characters, yes penguin i mean you. The love story is quite sweet as well.

  8.  worth the wait


    This film was a long time comming after Jason goes to hell and I really enjoyed it. I went when it came out to see it with my sister and as a Freddy fan and her a Jason fan we could feel a great battle comencing (and that was just us!). The fight and murder scenes were fast paced and well done. Ronny Yu did the genre proud hes a great director wether its comedy thrillers like the 51st state or Martial arts pieces like Legacy of rage with Brandon Lee. Whatever he does has a touch of class. Robert Englund didnt dissapoint as Freddy once again, he was just as brilliant as ever, and Jason was shown to be the mommas boy that he is.

  9.  Teacher needs detention


    This was a great movie Katie Holmes is quite good, but Helen Mirren steals the show as the thoughroughly evil Miss Tingle. Wether shes messing with there grades or heads its clear she has no concience or soul. It was a bit predictable then most Kevin Williamson films are. A good night in film.

  10.  my gran bought me soft porn for christmas...


    or so I thought when i opened this as my present. I laughed as I had heard that that penthouse founder bob guccione had ordered more graphic sex scenes as he was co financing this film, and got another director as he didnt like Tinto's imagining of the script. When i actually watched this I was surprised at just how good it was yes its a bit patchy in places and occasionally disjointed but it was watchable and i actually enjoyed it.