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  1.  Rubbish Film


    This film is slow to get going once it does theres no propper story line to go with it....

    So not worth buying !!!!!

  2.  Great Film


    I got this film for my birthday & was very happy i did !! It was one of them very good horror's... Would recommend it to anyone whom enjoys horror films

  3.  OMG


    No wonder the film is all in black-white with all that gore !!!! Now i love my horror film but even for me this film i had to turn away at parts !!! I would really recommend this film to anyone to watch but if you are not a fan of a lot of blood & guts this film is not for you

  4.  Best


    What a Great start to a season !!! The First two episode was fantastic I really thought this is the best season by far.. My Fave episodes in is part 1 are.

    Built To Kill One & Two
    Toe Tags
    Leaving Las Vegas
    Sweet Jane

  5.  Great !! !! !!


    Love this CSI This season is one of the best one esp with Grissom & Sarah !!! Loved all the episode with the dolls thought they were great. I thought the best episoded was the last one Living Doll

  6.  Woopadoo


    Yet another season part 2 the end of the season this years was great can't wait till season 5 !!!

    These are my fave episode

    DOA for a Day - Investigators belove that a corpse they found is that of a serial killer from their past. However, they soon discover that the body was made to look like the killer, and that the killer is after a new target.

    Right Next Door - While CSI investigates a fire in Stella's apartment building, Stella comes to the revelation an abducted child may have been staying with the woman who lived next door to her.

    Admissions - A high school guidance counsellor is killed during a dance. The case may be connected to the assault of one of the students by another classmate, and a deputy inspector's daughter holds the key to solving the crime

    ( If you read one of my reviews of CSI NY season 4 part 1 you will see i have put Right Next Door down as one of my fave episodes in that part of the season. But it was in part 2 just wanted you to know that i do know my CSI.. The reason i got it wrong was cause my other have was nagging me & i must of mistyped sorry).

  7.  Great


    Love this season its one of the best i really couldn't give you a best season. My two fave episode of this season 4 part 1 was boo & right next door !!!

  8.  Really good


    This stuff is fab it gets all the little bits of dirt you can't get at. I used it on my laptop keyboard & it look brand new all shiny

  9.  WOW


    Got it for christmas its a great gadget to play with!!! Also my cat likes to jump up & get it when its flying

  10.  good game but


    The game is good but if you want to use the Dolby Digital sound you won't be able to. I brought this game only to find out when i comes to the talking parts you couldn't hear anything. So rang up the help line & told them about it and the said they know of the problem its the same for all games that play on the PS3. They said all you can do is either take it back or play the music through you television.