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  1.  wow


    I was alittle skeptical watching this movie, after hearing the full 95mins is based in the coffin. But am glad i gave it the chance. A truely amazing performance from Ryan Reynolds (again) and the director Rodrigo Cortes is BETTER. It achieves the rare feature of being both enjoyable and relentlessly unpleasant at the same time. What made it so realistic is that its one of the most UN-HOLLYWOOD rolls to play and things like this actually happen in Inraq today, it really opens your mind to what happens in the real world, and sadly Ryan plays your average Jo, being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2.  Hilarious..


    Great performace's from Russell Brand, P Diddy and Jonas Hill. Absolutley hilarious!! I was alittle skeptical after hearing it being compared to 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall', but glad i gave it the chance. The storyline is greatley thought out and its not spoilt by the writer trying to be too funny. One of the best comedys I've seen for a while, you really NEED to see this film.

  3.  Great ..


    Definatley worth a watch. Another great performance from Leonardo DiCaprio. I was glued to the seat throughout the movie, because i didnt want to miss anything. The twist at the end was great and sad and i definatley didnt see it coming.

  4.  Immense -xo


    Great film and the ending was absolutley Fenomenal. Robert P. has definatley out done himself, i really hope to see him in many more roles in the future.

  5.  Not bad


    Believe it or not, i am a massive Twilight fan. But i made the mistake of reading the books first. So when i saw the movie i couldnt help but compare it to the books, it felt as if the film was rushed and alot of the scenes where cramped in to a certain extent. Or maybe its just because the books are that AMAZING that it left me with such high expectations for the film, that it would never meet my criteria. However, i do believe that 'Eclipse' met my criteria for the book and i was extremely happy with that and cant wait for the rest of the films.

  6.  Immense -xo


    Highley recomend a watch, great blockbuster movie, Never played the game, so i couldnt really compare. Fantastic storyline, amazing cast and acting (especially from Jake as always), real Hollywood.

  7.  Immense -xo


    Great movie. Opens your eyes, to life outside your little bubble. Great, casting. Liam Neeson was the perfect part for this, he has my respect after this. Definatley one to watch.

  8.  Immense -xo


    Twilight and New moon are just the build up to Eclipse, its by far the best of the three so far, more action, vampires, warewolfs, love and lust. Or perhaps its just because am Team jacob, and has his top off alot in this film, Haha, never the less its amazing, and its a real insight to Jacob's and Bella's real effection for one another and you see Jacobs softer side. I have read all the books and from watching Twilight and New Moon, it did make me question whether the films ever did the books any justice, as the movies seemed alittlw 'rushed' and alot of the chapters had been cramped in, but couldnt have potrayed Eclipse any better in my opinion. Really cant wait for the next,