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  1. 300



    20 New from  £7.50  Free delivery

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    "Give them nothing lads . . . but take from them, EVERYTHING!!!" - King Leonidas. Get this film

  2.  Bargain!!!


    Bloody brilliant!!! an awesome experience and in HD too AND at an amazing price i say just go for it, if you liked saving private ryan then you will thoroughly enjoy this!

  3.  Awful


    Firstly for a film with lesbian in the title it seems a let down that there arent even any boobys in the film or anyone even that attractive in it. james corden and matt horne could have done alot more for this film but i just feel bad for them. this film is just an embaressment filled with single entendre bodilly fluid jokes. . . Avoid!!!

  4. inFamous



    6 New from  £13.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £8.99

     A Great exclusive


    inFamous in short, is a great game.
    infamous is like a hybrid between gta, assassins creed and force unleashed but more specificly imagine the spiderman 2 video game (one of my old favs on the ps2) only you would play as a
    non-camp, totally badass bike messenger, now youve got infamous.
    the story is compelling, origional and will keep you going throughout and a shocking twist at the end will have you begging for more. Agreeing with a previous reviewer it does resemble a dc style comic due to the more serious themes and more believable heroes, now i havnt played prototype but i can see how infamous is more believable with the protagonist of the former being stupidly overpowered.
    The powers you receive in infamous are fun and balanced, increasing in destructive power as you unlock them throughout the course of the game and they can all be upgraded through the exp points you gain from missions, side missions, beating enemys and performing special feats and this system is balanced well as purchasing all upgrades will take a long time, frequently enough to keep you interested but still a challenge.
    Graphically infamous varies, the lighting effects are brilliant for example when you travel through the sewers you use youre electricity to light your surroundings. casting rich colours across the enviroment and casting awesome shadow effects, however the graphics dip a bit in the city as the textures and colour pallete fail to pop wich can sometimes be a drag but this will often go unnoticed.
    In summary i highly rate infamous and would reccomend it to everyone with a ps3! (take that 360, lol) Get This Game!!!

  5.  Just great!


    I must say i was put by reviewers saying this isnt for newcomers as i am too a newcomer, but wow after about a month of "breaking in" and sitting on my shelve i finnaly got into it and boy im glad i did because once you get past the learning curve SF IV is a pure addiction. Its so fun creaming your friends and the computer (at easiest difficulty for me) at this game and although online is either dead or stupidly unbalanced multiplayer is uncomparable when face to face. A must buy and take it from me i normally hate fighting games but i havnt stopped playing this for weeks get this game!

  6.  Sonic died in the 90's


    i never had a doubt that this game would be anything other than a dissapointment. first off the story is a awfull in every way, its boring and unengaging, the characters are hollow and have no charm and sonic has this whole stereotype of being an unually simple shell filled with stupid catchphrases in every game hes in. the graphics are ok at a glance but closer inspection low res ground and character textures can be noticed as well as horrible jaggies on hd resolution screens. gameplay is mostly frustrating with a horrible camera however gameplay as sonic in his normal form can be entertaining but the werehog segments are tedious. the final insult sre the trophies wich are hard to achieve without serious playing time and skill wich is rediculous for a kids game. all in all i would say avoid and unless you really feel you need this game stick to classic mega drive sonic, honestly sonic should have been retired when sega left the console industry.