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  1.  Great game, challenging, but rewarding


    I've had Defcon for several years, and even tho I'm not particularly good at it I still really enjoy playing it.
    For such a simple premise the game really captures your attention, and the visuals are good. If you've ever watched Wargames you'll feel right at home. The background soundtrack fits the theme perfectly - in that it's very dark and grim, sounds of people suffering from radiation sickness etc.

    If you happen to own some Ambx lights then the game can make use of them (yellow warning flashes tied into enemy nuke launches , different colour flashes matched to the defcon status etc,...really adds to the atmosphere).

    For the paltry few pounds it's for sale for now it's a no-brainer to grab a copy, even if it's just for the occasional game now and again.

  2.  Definately worth it for spidey fans


    As a self confessed Spidey fan since as far back as I can remember I'd recommend this to other fans. When they were originally broadcast I only managed to catch the first couple of episodes and it does seem strange at first with the different animation style, but once you've watched the first 2 or so you get used to it and it's really quite good. I thought at first they laid the Peter & MJ on a bit thick with her 'chasing' him a bit much, but it soon tones it down and the rest of the series I thought was good.
    A real shame there isn't a 2nd series tho, as the 2 part series end especially is a great finish (as another reviewer said previously, typically NOT happy-days-everyone-wins ending).

  3.  Superb 80's show


    Possibly my all time favourite 80's action show and that's saying something.
    I grew up pre-teens watching this and loved it then. Season 1 is by far the best as from season 2 onwards they wanted to make it more 'family' friendly and it changed the tone of the program (tho season 2 is still worth getting).
    This first season is much darker and less fluffy than later ones and is much better for it.. The pilot (no pun intended!) episode especially is fairly serious in parts, and Moffett genuinely comes across as someone you'd have no qualms about shooting..
    For the current asking price for £5 this is a no-brainer if you ever watched Airwolf, or even if you've never seen it before. Aside from the series itself it would be worth it just for some of the great aerial footage..

  4.  Probably the best fighting game on the PC


    Not that there are a lot to choose from, but I'd say this is the best fighting game I've played on the PC for many years.
    Runs perfectly well on my not-that-high-spec PC (AMD X2 5000, NVIDIA 9600GT ), even plays well using the keyboard until I get my pad hooked up (or get an arcade stick!)
    I used to play SF2/SF2T etc in the arcades back when they actually had video games in them, and aside from the PC version of SF2T (which was pretty good for it's day), this really seems to have captured to old feel of the SF2 era on the PC. Hugely enjoyable fun wether you just want a few quick round to beat up on someone, or want to play through to the end.
    Unlocking the extra characters might be a bit tedious at times, but that's no big problem really.
    Overall if you're a PC owning, beat-em-up loving (especially Street Fighter) I'd highly recommend it for the £18 asking price at the moment.

  5.  Good mouse


    I got the play exclusive "atomic red" edition of this back in august 2008, and tho at first i missed having the extra buttons (other mouse is a logitech mx510), i soon got used to it.
    It looks good in the red, tho it doesn't seem to be listed anymore,
    Very comfortable mouse to use (not that the mx510 isn't), and great in games once you get used to it.
    However mine has recently developed a small but annoying problem, the rubbery/gel mouse wheel is slipping, if you only use light pressure on it the rubber parts turns with your finger movement, whilst the actually 'click' part that registers the wheel rotation doesn't. Sounds trivial but it's driven me insane, so i'm back with my mx510 until i can get this (hopefully..) replaced.
    That issue aside i'd say it's a great mouse.

  6.  Great album, give it a few listens to get used to it


    Like a lot of fans I've been waiting for the new album for a lonnngg time, at first I was a bit 50/50 over quite a few of the tracks, but after a couple of listens it really grows on you. Certainly it's a very different 'feel' than No Angel and Life For Rent , but I wouldn't let that put you off - Safe Trip Home has some great tracks, even if most are a lot slower than the likes on LFR and NA.

    Personally Northern Skies is one of my favourites, but Grafton Street, and The Day Before The Day are going up each time I listen to them as well.

  7.  Great album


    For this sort of price this is a no brainer!
    Of course Insomnia is just a classic, never ever get tired of listening to it (and love the long build up before the lyrics start).
    God is a DJ, We Come 1 most people will likely know from the charts, Salva Mea possibly not but I find it a really good track.
    A major bonus if your a Dido fan is the inclusion of One Step Too Far , brilliant match of Faithless's sound and her voice :)

  8.  Best trek film ever


    I'll keep this short and sweet... this is the best Trek film ever, period..
    Most other original era films were too touchy feely , and even First Contact didn't feel as good as a normal borg episode, but Wrath Of Khan just has it all, from Kirk getting back on the Enterprise, to the return of Khan (and him kicking the Enterprises a$$), and not much in the way of soppy romantic/moralising stuff,... class film!