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  1.  meh


    good game, no real improvement on tekken from ps1 really except graphics and the ability to roll sideways in a 3D arena.

    other then that gets quite dull quickly, i got to the third dojo and it is impossible to get any further. I struggled in second as computer becomes perfect and after one hit they will win the round.

    Customisation of your own character is good with choice of clothes, colour and accessories but this is a minor point.

    Extra games are good such as bowling and target practice.

  2.  meh


    not the best wipeout ever, is fun to play for a while but you quickly get bored of it. The grids are often repeats of each other and there are not enough elimination rounds. Also the R1 and L1 are far too sensitive and theres no way to reduce this. Would be nice to personalise controls but ah well. Worth playing, probably better to get a demo first then go from there

  3.  :)


    Was very impressed with the graphics and gameplay, like the choice of weapons and vechiles. As mentioned graphics are good, understatement really, best graphics on a game ive seen yet from the ripples in water to shots deflecting off walls etc. Also like the addition of smoke grenades to the game.

    Was slightly dissapointed at first it was a first person shooter like KillZone 1 and 2 but it makes sense as the screen is small and alot is going on.

    Lots of extras and challenges, completed the game on all difficulties plus 3/4 of challenges and only completed 57% of game. Worth the money, easily one of the best shooters if not the best.

  4.  :)


    controls are a bit odd at first, not your usual shooter but once you get the hang of them then its all gravy (controls can also be personalised)

    actual game is good, graphics are of low quality, lip synching and text speed are a little off but dont affect gameplay.

    Gameplay is quite good, but often feels you end up doing the same manouvre again and again and straight on charging ends up with you dead.

    Worth a play and skirmish does keep you busy, keep tryna break that record!