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  1.  Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!


    OMG! This is the dogs!
    GTA4 in hi def, 8 foot high! Star wars pod race! Independence day! You will probably spend the rest of your life just watching stuff on this, the picture quality is excellent and it comes with every conceivable lead imaginable including a 2m HDMI cable. The screen hasn't arrived yet so I can't comment on that but 84" diagonal on what appears to be a square screen is not going to be that breath taking compared to what this pup can do on a plain white wall! My advice is use a wall if you can. The optoma website which I am not allowed to enter here is available from google and has a lot more info on this than is listed here so if you want ALL the tech stuff look there. But just reviewing as a big boys toy this is maybe the best bit of kit money can buy. And to answer the other reviewers question, the screen is a manual pull down one according to their website.

  2.  ace


    This is one of the most fascinating DVD's i've seen on the Pistols. The guy who complains about it in his review evidently hasn't read the cover, ie: The MAKING OF!
    As for it being full of old blokes, well, think about it mate, this is an album that was made 30 years ago and if we presume everyone involved was between 20 and 30 years old at the time then that would make them between 50 and 60 now! DUH!!!
    As far as content goes this is absolutely rivetting stuff with brilliant insights from all 4 band members as to how the songs came to be. Hearing Lydon singing Anarchy from the original master tape with no backing whatsoever is an awesome experience.
    If you're a Pistols fan and this album was the soundtrack to your mis-spent youth then this will be money well spent.
    (See you in Manchester boys!)

  3.  Pretty good actually


    These are ace and in a matter of a few months i imagine they WILL take over the world.
    Amazingly adictive but they do tire your hands but i guess that passes after a while.
    The sensation is very difficult to describe I suppose it's a bit like stirring a bucket of concrete that just keeps getting thicker the faster you go.
    If there's a few of you it could be bags of fun competing for a highest score.
    My only gripe is the rip cords, they are like very thin shoelaces and after a couple of startups the plastic tips come off and make it a bit difficult to start, spare cords would be a good idea.
    however i'm sure with a bit of practice they can be started by hand.
    They look ace too and everyone wants to have a go.
    They will make you very popular with girls and even if they don't you'll have one very strong wrist so no problems there!