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  1.  Mario Kart - almost!


    A great little kart racing game that clearly takes inspiration from the great Mario Kart. The race controls are identical as are the "weapons" although a footabll replaces the red shell and champagne bottle replaces the mushroom for example. The racing isn't quite as frantic as Mario and the tracks are on the whole shorter so in pure kart racing terms it is inferior. However what this game does have is character and kart customisation. You can win blue prints to to new parts/items of clothing and then use your coins to buy them. If that's what you want to do between races then it's great, however the downside is how you win the coins. Obviously some are won by winning races but to get the enough of the different types of coin you have to "run errands" for the other inhabitants of the town. These include acting as a taxi and a delivery man and in my opinion grow old fast and detract from the game.
    I want to race, not customise and run errands hence the rating - however I have to say that my kids love it - oh yeah and one improvement over Mario Kart - 3 slots on the same cartridge!!

  2.  Great game - learning curve is just too steep to give it 4*


    Well firstly I should say that there is no real improvement on the 08 version other than updated riders/bikes/tracks so if you are still happily playing 08 then stick with that.
    As with all versions of this game the learning curve is very steep and as such you WILL make a mess of the first few races you try even on the easiest setting. Having said that, once you get the hang of it you will delight at the wealth of options available to you to tweak the bikes handling. With a variety of modes including Quick Race, Race Weekend, Season and Challenge the only thing missing (AGAIN) is the ability to create your own rider and join a team etc etc. A must for bike fans but casual gamers stay away!

  3.  Not worth the hype


    PS2 quality graphics, sloppy handling, no real difference between vehicle types. Save your money and get Pure or one of the MotorStorm titles!

  4.  A let down


    After ProStreet I was looking forward to this but....a welcome return to street racing from the more track based pro street, good grahics and who needs much of a story - it's a racing game. However the races were way way way to easy. Winning by "miles" despite hitting the wall/on-coming traffic just isn't fun and I am by no means an expert racer. Here's hoping Shift will be better!

  5.  If you like Majhong this is a must!


    An excellent DS interpritation of the old old game of Majhong. 3 different modes (essentially career, quick play and puzzle) this is a highly addictive game with lots more replay value than you might expect - and the bonus is you can have up to 3 profiles stored!

  6.  A big let down


    As a fan of the first game I was looking forward to this - but was to be disappointed! No leader boards, some of the games seem to go on forever and the in-game help isn't much help for some of the games. Unfortanutely I have to say rent it first!

  7.  Something for everyone!


    Essentially a collection of "old" mini-games of various types including card and puzzle. Leader boards for each allowing for a little family competition (my 9 year old is still top in one of the games...grrrr LOL). I can't imagine anyone not finding at least one game that they like in the collection. Very addictive and lots of fun - a must for all you casual gamers out there!

  8. Sega Rally

    Sega Rally

    Playstation Portable

    2 New from  £29.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.72

     Great rally game for the PSP


    Good graphics and a relatively gentle learning curve make this a good games for newcomers and hardened rally fans alike. A recommended purchase for sure.

  9.  Lots of fun in a group


    Lots of non-stop madcap mini games that will have you in stitches. Ideal to play in a group, at a party or to make a fool of yourself in front of your kids! One of the games the Wii was invented for!

  10.  Typical Movie Tie In


    Movie tie-in games are rarely great and this is no exception. Some good grahics, nice weapons and the machines are hard to kill at times it suffers from lack of length and a degree of repetitivness. Whilst a hardened gamer may complete this in only 4-5 hours I think my kids will make it last a bit longer than that! Would probably have gone 2.5 stars if that were an option!