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  1.  GET IT


    Awesome. story for this title is superb, right amount of decision making and twists.. with enough gameplay wiggleroom to make you feel like your in control of the storyline as it enables you to complete objectives in multiple ways. it also tied in perfectly with the first game. parkour has been upgraded and feels more fluent than previously. enviroment is open world again and gives the impression that it is much larger than it already is. beutiful landscapes and graphocs are top noch.. little improvements go a long way in this game. your able to swim now and interact with certain in game civillian characters.. makes who whole experience alot me realistic.

    awesome game... famous cameos are also in store for you and i recomend this buy. even if you intend to buy brotherhood... youl have the low down on the story and this game shouldnt go unplayed

  2.  10/10


    I haven't played the first game so i went into this with an open mind. Graphics and enviroments are amazing, story and gameplay are really well presented in this game. there are a number of events where you have to act quickly to survive enviromental hazards around you e.g the building you are in has just been blown up a few floors below and you have to quickly deal with enemies and get out of there.. the only fault i have with this game is that it should be longer.. online helps a grate deal and kept me playing for a good few extra hours.. a must buy for ps3

  3.  Listen! Do you smell something?


    Great graphics and good gameplay altho its pretty similar to gears of war with it being over the shoulder "n" all, the character you play as is a new member of the Ghostbusters and doesnt have a name, you also don't speak, all your character does is provide a number of comedic facial expressions. it really isnt enough, they had the real actors back to do the voices and the writers of the movies bk for the game... they could have done so much more... i think they also made it too similar to the first movie. i really liked the game but there are just some issues to the story being similar... and the character you play as.. the online multiplayer is quite good, but you can only have games with up to 4 players at a time... get the game, it is good. i enjoyed playing it.. all the origional ghostbusters comedy and feeling is there and the number of trophies to get is also extra... youl have some fun... trust me..

    who ya gunna call?

  4.  Superb StarWars Game!!


    Ep 3.5 your Darth Vaders secret apprentice. what more do you want. your playing a good guy but secretly evil with vader, its the best of both worlds. you play as Starkiller (which was origionaly meant for Luke before it was changed to skywalker) a kick ass sith in amazing and yet destructive enviroments .. lol ... force powers have never been more fun to use, throwing things and PEOPLE abuot like little dolls and also watching them panic while you do it... the physics and AI truley compliment this game where previous games have failed. this was officialy the missing link between episode 3 and 4 and i think it lived up to its name. BUY this game and beat it and unlock all the different things you can ranging from upgrades in force powers and lightsaber to costumes. this title also has a range of downloadable content from the PSN and is truley a joy to play over and over... i never get tired of this game.

  5.  wasn't great


    This game was enjoyable to play, shooting people in bullet time and watching them splatter all over the wall behind them. graphics were good for the time of its release and the story line could have been alot better, but it was written to have every excuse to kill and shoot things so i guess its not bad. it wasnt great but it entertained me. the online options were fun for a while but the lack of gamers online dissapointed me but still... you cant really go wrong with the game.. ever game has its faults but this found the balance to have all the good points but not having them to a great standard lowered its grade.

  6.  enjoyable


    Spidey came back with a third instalment and didn't dissappoint. web slinging has never been more fun and fluid along with graphics which have greatly improved from the previous games altho they were on PS2. i found it extreamly enjoyable to play and it was a shame that it accidentaly got taken back to the store when my 360 got the ring of death, i took back the games and this was in its pile... im yet to re-buy the game but im holding out first of all to see how web of shadows treats the web head and if the game does it justice, i might not bother re-buying...

  7.  i liiked it alot


    a movie game tie in again, i wasnt going expecting much. i was pleasantly suprised of how much i enjoyed this game. sure its not Mat Damon in this game but it doesnt need him to pull off this storyline. you relive the wambosi assasionation attempt and i must say i was happy with the result. shooting and general gunplay could have been more fluent but it doesnt out me off this game and graphics could have been better but due to the storyline and the gameplay it doesnt really matter... i mean.. we all played Doom when it was just different coloured Pixels ddint we... or space invaders lol

  8.  Beutiful Enviroment


    the enviroment in this game truley blew me away, its open world which i love but they still found a way to section it off in a way which works lol. the prince has a whole new look.. infact it isnt even him, it says in the book hes only known ans the prince by nickname only, this was dissappointing but the action sequences are truley awesome and the free running was also as satisfactory as i could expect from a Prince of Persia game. i enjoyed it and with extra suprices in the game and its storyline you wont be dissappinted about this buy.

  9.  good


    I liked this game, the graphics were shockingly good for when this title was released, i enjoyed the gameplay and the swordplay impressed me. the duel gameplay i especialy enjoyed with even more moves and blocks to choose from it lived up ti my expectations of the POTC films.

  10.  i liked it


    This first person parkour game was a really good use of my spare time, amazing graphics made full use of your enviroment and dont be suprised if you actualy think it's you up there on that ledge. the first person effect makes it so much easier to understand the risks of stunts like these if they were carried out by yourself or others. the controls are easy to pick up and the story line was ok but for a parkour based game i think it did pretty well. the combat in the game was quite poor, the weapons had to be dropped if you wanted to climb or run faster and you are limited in mellee attacks. if the combat was better this game would have been a 5 star rating