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  1.  creepy


    loved this film, very eerie and unsettling in parts. there is no over the top gore or torture porn. Everything i expect from ghost stories and supernatural is in this film.. see this if you like to be on the edge of your seat and be scared... "A GEM"

  2.  Another off beat horror


    well what can i say about this film, it started off being quite interesting and had a few unsettling moments..BUT, thats as good as it gets.
    oh and by the way the ending is really a cop out.
    not as good as"The Rite" but better than some other cheap found footage/mockumentary rip offs........

  3.  a bridge too far????


    very much the best film apart from the 1st one, fantastic openibg bridge scene!!!
    then is buiseness as usual as one by one the random cast get their short comings,
    the ending suggests this is the final installment....we will have to wait and see.
    overall great popcorn and beer movie

  4.  the wicker hitman??


    well what a complete and utter headrush of a film.. left m,e totally numb. cant write too much as your best watching it without too much detail. great cast deliver strong performances all round, not your typical horror/gangsta thriller but thats a good thing!
    think along the lines of wicker man meets serbian film meets football factory and your kinda close.
    just some questions ...what did happen in kiev?? what was on THOSE tapes?? and was the hunchback laughing or crying? watch and see???

  5.  in space noone can hear you...snore


    very slow to start with, gained a little bit of tension halfway through, then all became silly(crabs in space?) , i was hugely dissapointed. But the actual realism was spot on and some peolpe will be thinking "is that real???"......not me tho

  6.  not sure


    watched this and to be honest felt a little numb after. was expecting more of a "i spit on your grave" or "last house on the left" type film. the acting was top notch and the tension was unbearable, but i expected more of something, was a little slow in places tho. well worth watching just dont expect too much gore( 1 scene will haunt).

  7.  not bad..not great


    watched this film in the hope of seeing something different, unfortunatley it was typical stalk n slash but on a boat with an array of easy kill extras.
    was watchable until the final 20 mins when the film totally looses all cred with a scene that was riduculous in evey sence.
    grab some beer and leave your brain outside and you may enjoy, but you wont have a "whale" of a time...

  8. F



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    no suspence, no gore and no explanation either.. waste of an evenings viewing

  9.  "not very good"


    watched this with very high anticipation, however was extremely dissapointed. the acting was so so but the plo was very slow. watch" gone baby gone" again instead.

  10.  " great surprise"


    watched this without truly knowing what to expect, was surprised comepletley and loved it, very gory and some great moments( dont let your cat see), good twist at the end as well.... highly recommended