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  1.  Not up to expectations


    When I heard this game was going to have three different styles of play I was very excited. However, since playing the game as Leon (the style most similar to the original resident evil) I have been very disappointed.

    The game starts with you playing a prologue and for me this was the worse part of the game as it's slow and you basically just wonder again and do some of that timed button tapping introduced in resident evil 4.

    After the prologue you can pick Leon, Chris or Alex (these characters have different styles). As a fan of the original resident evils I chose Leon as this character is more survival horror. So far the game is just like resident evil 5 but with zombies and in settings similar to the old resident evils, but its fairly repetitive and doesn't require any thinking. You can kick now, but this makes the game a little easy. To heal you now combine herbs in the menu (y) and convert them into tables that you can quickly access using RB. The guns/health spray/grenades can be access using the D pad and is nice and fast.

    Playing by myself I was frustrated and bored and would have given a one star but playing with a friend has made this game more fun and is the reason I've given it 3 stars. If you want a resident evil like the first few games this game is not for you, if you are a fan of resident evil 4 and 5 then I would think you would enjoy this game. Even though it's repetitive I can see myself spending hours on this game playing with friends but it's just disappointing that resident evil has abandoned it's original style, I've played every resident evil game but they lost their wow factor for me after resident evil 0.

  2.  Still the best survival horror game


    I was dissapointed with homecoming, but Downpour improved on every aspect of homecoming that I hated and is a fantastic game.

    The atmosphere is excellent as always, the puzzles are as good as the old school silent hills and the fighting is a lot better than Homecoming. I also enjoyed the storyline, it was as good as the story of silent hill 2.

    Negatives of this game are it's glitchy (although to be honest this never really affected play and I didn't find this annoying), the evil world is not as scary as previous games, you just run around trying to escape an evil mist thing and the games saves so much I don't find it as scary as the first four games. Personally, the thing that made the original silent hill and resident evil games scary for me was the restricted saving and weapons but these things are never an issue in this game, making it a lot easier.

    I was also very annoyed by the fact you lose your items near the end of the game as I had saved all my pistol ammo and health packs only to have them unfairly taken, this was probably the only thing I really hated about this game (and why I'm not giving it a 5*). So, don't bother saving ammo and health!

    One last thing, the combat in this game is excellent, although I tended to run more than fight (to conserve ammo, grrr). The axe works a treat and I made sure to try and have one at all times.

  3.  not as good as previous games


    I'm a huge fan of silent hill but was disappointed by this one, the combat and controls are annoying, the riddle puzzles lacking or just too easy, and personally I found the storyline dull. Its still worth playing if your a fan, but don't have great expectations.