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  1.  BF3


    I have recently bought this game and have 8-9 hours of multiplayer game time. I can't comment on the campaign as I only did the first mission then went straight to multiplayer.

    My initial thoughts on multiplayer were very negative, I found the aiming ridiculous, I just couldn't find the right sensitivity, there just didn't seem to be that middle ground, it was either too high or way too slow. I was thinking i had made a big mistake with this purchase, but I really wanted to like this game (I LOVED bad company 2) so I kept playing. After a couple more hours I really started enjoying it, I was dying a lot, but I was just focusing on supplying team mates with ammo or medic packs and I gained a lot of experience points which lead to unlocking attachments for weapons.

    Since unlocking those attachment it has made the aiming better, I have adapted to the style of the game, TEAM WORK! I am finishing each game with a positive K/D and a lot of points. That's the thing I love most about BF3, the fact that you can get points from anything! suppressive fire, kill assist, capturing objectives, destroying vehicles, defending objectives, reviving team mates, resupplying team mates, the game just rewards you for everything!.

    I give the multiplayer 9/10, it really does feel like what I imagine a battlefield to be like :)

  2.  Brilliant


    the campaign is awesome, really good story :)) zombies is great fun...and online is awesome, so much better than MW2, i love the customisation, the cod points is a good feature and wager matches are cool

  3.  can not believe it


    this is the worst film EVER! im not joking either what a load of rubbish...me my mum and sister actually started laughing once it had finished because of how bad the film was....we were in utter shock hahaa...DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM we only watched til the end as we thought something was gonna happen...like someone said below the film description is completely misleading!

  4.  three cheers for an amazing album


    firstly sorry for the cheesy title lol but i couldnt resist......

    anyways this is such a great album...it ranks as high as 'i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love' in my eyes......i think all there albums are great they're all different and have so many different meanings to them.......pure brilliance....musical geniuses!!

    Josh :)

  5. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    7 New from  £2.83  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.00



    what an amazing footbal game!

    i cant list all the positives because there are way too many :)

    here are the negatives:
    -me and my friend play each other alot and have found that you can score using a chip shot when through on goal every time, it doesnt matter which keeper you are up against because they all come to far off their line which leaves them in no mans land.

    -when a player goes down injured and you kick the ball out of play the opposition dont kick the ball back to your keeper they just play on as usual (im nitpicking lol)

    -i was under the impression fifa said that the ball wouldn't hit the post as much as in fifa09....well it still hits the post tonnes in a game.

    fifa stated that the chip goals would be less frequent and so would hitting the post but nothing ha changed.

    overall an amazing football game which is very realistic as in manager mode you can se players who are rated 70 and they can perform really well just like in real life! :)

  6.  awesome


    by far the best game ive ever played! the online maps arealot better...they're big and well set oup........tnx infinity ward :D

  7.  awesomeness!!!


    when i got these i was one of the ppl who couldn't attatch them lol.....but i looked on the packaging and sorted! :) these are awesome..they make fps like cod much easier as your fingers just dont slip off the triggers :) ive bough my second pair for my new controller :D

  8.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i love paramore! this album totally rocks. once again paramore take my breath away!