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Product Reviews

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  1.  Not worth 9.99


    This blu-ray was a big disappointment, the effects were quite outdated and there were no noteable 3D effects. Its been upgraded to 3D from a TV show, therefore there is nothing that comes out at you and the depth effect is very strange. The people being interviewed don't seem to be at their locations, it's almost layered. Definatly wouldn't buy this unless you know what you're buying.

  2.  Mind Reader


    Not only is Iron Man one of the best action movies ever made, but now Play.com have read my mind for exactly how i wanted the dvd! Can't wait to get it!

  3.  Worst Video Game Film Ever


    This is the worst video game based movie ever made! and thats saying something! The acting is dire, the action is second rate and they gave the Hitman a heart! he's a merciless killing machine and dosn't fall for girls! he even breaks in on some kids playing the game Hitman! The title is missing an 's'.

  4.  Awesome! And It Gets Better...


    The first season of heroes is the greatest show i have ever seen! i have seen the first 8 episodes of season 2 and let me tell you...unbelievably it keeps getting better and better! BEST.SHOW.EVER! and an essential purchase!

  5.  A Good Collection


    This is one of the classic trilogies, just a load of fun! eleven and thirteen more than make up for twelves foibles! buy buy buy!

  6.  Pure Genius


    Guillermo Del Toro should have won more oscars for this film! The story line is fantastic, the effects are awesome, the characters and acting are second to none! £5 very very well spent! Pure cinematic beauty

  7.  load of nonsense!


    i can't belive this show is still going! the story lines are stupid, the cast are annoying and you'd have thought that just maybe someone would have found them by now! a rare rubbish american show. i think i'll stick with 24 and heroes

  8.  Great


    A great creature feature! definatly worth the 5.99! if you dont mind subtitles, lots of blood and don't take your films to seriously this is perfect for you! Kinda like a good godzilla

  9.  Awesome


    Lamb of God have done it again! except this time they've upped the anti! Driving riffs, killer solos and awesome vocals. A must buy for any heavy metal fan.