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  1.  Beautiful Movie.


    Sergio leone, what a great director this man was, and this is another of his masterpieces. And that score by morricone is probably the most beaufitul and emotional pieces of music ever in a motion picture.

  2.  Must Watch tv!


    For those who like real television drama you absolutely cannot forego watching Deadwood because this, along with The Wire, and The Sopranos are the greatest three television shows in history. There's not much more needs saying just that you will most likely watch all three seasons within days as you'll not be able to tear yourself away from it.

  3.  Masterpiece!


    I'm inclined to agree with these other reviewers in saying this is the greatest western ever made. The good the bad and the ugly is also brilliant but this slightly edges it out. I love unforgiven too. I bought the soundtrack to this movie which is also in my view a masterpiece score. Buy it today!

  4.  Entertaining if not completely braindead!


    As much a shameless promotion of the unamerican and phony war of terror this show is, it's mildy entertaining in a hollywood kinda way.

  5.  Great batman animations here.


    Whilst i agree that batman:gotham knight is not as brilliant as the animatrix i would say that it is to nolans batman universe what the animatrix is to the universe the wakowskis imagined in their movies. Probably my favourite of the set was "have i got a story for you" i especially like the incarnations of batman the different kids imagined in their stories.

  6.  It's pure comedy.


    pure comedy? where'd i get that from? i love this but i wouldn't agree that it's the best comedy ever, i think seinfeld still has the edge because of the sheer number of series they did on that, as well as the ensemble cast, not saying it's a better cast than curb' but i like the different styles of comedy in seinfeld. kramers slapstick, george is larry, elaine is this great ferocious, funny, sexy, [ i find funny women sexy] women and seinfeld is a kind of referee keeping them in check.. but i love curb' larry david it is fair to say at this point is a comedy genius,,,there i go again with the cliche's.

  7.  Fly's nice


    The saving grace of this frankly dissapointing game is the flying mechanics as well as the implementation of the superpowers. The problem is there's nothing to do, no people falling out of high rises to save. No planes to stop from crashing. That's what we want as super fans. i'd like to see ea go at this game again keeping the good bits whilst giving us what we want.

  8.  Excellent


    Great movie but for further information watch the movies by the best freedom information fighter there is...........alex jones. Watch terror storm. watch his latest movie end game. visit the websites and check out the documents that back up jones' claims.

  9.  my first crichton book


    brilliant. This is everything you expect from a book it was both entertaining and informative as well as thought provoking.

  10.  9 Hours of movie excellence


    I'm sorry but i'm not having that. 9 hours of walking? I have avoided watching the lord of the rings for many years, the reason being is that i'm not a big fan of wizard type stuff. But a few weekends ago with nothing to watch we bought this boxset. And came away absolutely enthralled to the point that i have watched all three movies again. The movies transcend genres in my view they have everything. the actors all do brilliant jobs. And the effects serve the movie brilliantly. Anyone able to analyse things will be aware that this story is anti- new world order which gives it that extra kick in my view.