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  1.  Arrow to our hearts!


    A quality action/drama show that won't let you down, the mystery, the characters and Stephen Amell, are the recipe for a great tv show...

  2.  Absolutely Amazing...


    Ok first of all, why you guys compare this movie to the other three? they tell you to write a review for THIS movie, not a comparison with the other movies.

    Anyway I found the movie funny, and a movie that didn't lost the quality of the first three PotC movies...Johnny Depp is hilarious and even if he was by himself in this movie, the movie would still rock!

  3.  One of those books you like to read!


    Witches of the east revolve around three women, a mother and her two daughters, they aren't common women though, they are witches, and some miscalculation on their magic can cause a great chaos...

    I enjoy this book, its one of those books you like to read, its easy going and pretty well written, i gave it 4 stars though, because at the beggining it seems boring, its not boring, but if you don't know the book, you will think it is, so i just cut only one star for this, but its a great book, recommended!

  4.  Ghost Whisperer is awesome!


    Melinda Gordon just got married, just moved to a new house and just opened an antique shop, and she could be just any of us, excerpt she has a gift, she can see and talk to the dead, those earthbound spirits that cannot see the light because they have unfinished business with the living...

    This show is amazing, its mostly emotional BUT it has scary ghost appearences at moments, and its not a chick flick, I'm a guy and I love it! What more can I say that haven't been stated from the others? its amazing, its a very nice show, and I suggest everyone who love supernatural/drama shows to buy this dvd set.

    ***Somewhere I have read-not in this site-that Melinda cries a lot on the show, well its not like she is crying when she is buying groceries or at random, she cries at moments where any human would, and this want to show us she isn't a freak, she feels sorry for those people she helps (talking about the show)

  5.  A Bit boring but good!


    Compared to the previous movies, this one moves too slow and causes you a bit of boredom, but this doesn't last for long, and thats what saves it from disaster.

    Harry after Voldemort's ressurection, is alone in his uncles house, his friends sending him letters that doesn't make sense and nobody tells him anything, he finds out that Dumbledore made the Order of the Phoenix to fight Lord Voldemort and stop his plans, in this movie Harry finds out how it is to be in love and being heartbroken and also how it is when a proffesor hates your guts!

  6.  The Goblet of Success!


    This movie is completely an action movie than a child-ish one. I loved it!

    Hogwarts hosts a dangerous tournament where three schools of magic choose a champion to fight three extremely dangerous tasks.
    Everything turns bad when Harry's name is being submitted to the Goblet and he is being chosen as a champion along with Cedric Digory, the tasks are hard and Harry is only 14, but what awaits for him at the end, is beyond dangerous...

  7.  Harry Potter keeps his fans under his spells!


    This movie escapes the child-ish scenario the other two had, this one is a young-adult movie, and its obvious from the beggining!

    Harry Potter escapes from Dursleys, when he turns his aunt into a balloon, afraid of being arrested by the Ministry of Magic, he travels to London where the Minister finds him, and he isn't mad at him, at all, later Harry learns that Sirius Black escaped, a murdered who has sworn to kill Harry and fulfill Voldemort's plan...or maybe this is what the others say and Sirius is more of a friend than a foe?

  8.  I LOVED IT!


    I don't understand why the others hated this movie so much, I found it pretty good and enjoyable!

    Its the second year in Hogwarts and Harry has to face the suspicion of Hogwarts students, because of some weird attacks where people are petriefied, somehow he seems to be in the wrong place, the wrong time...

    The whole movie is absolutely lovely....

  9.  Harry Potter's Spell to make us read books!


    The book/movie series is amazing and I find it very pleasing to watch!

    Harry leaves with his uncles and their spoiled son, he is neglected and his uncles don't want others to know his secret, Harry is a wizard, a very famous one, soon he learns that his been accepted to Hogwarts a school for Wizards, he will meet friends and enemies, and also the reason why his parent died and he became famous!

  10.  Nice Pack!


    For me Disney movies like this, remind me happy memories from when I was 14-15 years old, so thats why I like it, the pack is fantastic, because you can have all 3-films in one dvd-case and in a really low price!

    HSM: The fist movie is about Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens), she moves to another school, where she meets Troy, only to realize she had met him in her holidays as well, both of them have to deal with their friends when they decide to participate in their school's musical.

    HSM 2: Gabriella and the rest of the high school are working on member club resort, where Sharpay has other plans for Troy....

    HSM 3: The graduation is here, only to bring more problems to the students of East High, Troy must choose not only for his love for singing and Basketball but also between Basketball or Gabriella...