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  1.  As expected


    Do you want an all-rounder with Blu-Ray and web browser or a pure games console?
    All-rounder = PS3
    Games only = Xbox360

    People don't realise that although the PS3 is 'technically' a more powerful machine, it only utilises half of it for gaming. The exclusive titles on PS3 look excellent, however the majority of blockbuster games such as CoD, BF3, Fifa, Skyrim etc. are multi-format titles and the Xbox versions are simply better than PS3, albeit not leaps and bounds in most cases. I was actually shocked at how poor the visuals were for Black Ops and MW3 on PS3. I own both consoles btw and only recently started playing the dusty PS3 again for Metal Gear Solid Collections, which says it all really. Oh and PS3 servers are laggy compared to 360 servers (I have 50mb so it's not the inet), as always you get what you par for. Great all-rounder though so if you only pick up a game every now and then and don't have a Blu-ray player, look no further.

  2.  A* for developer efforts


    You can tell the developer has put in a lot of effort and really built it from the ground up. Incredible graphics (for the dated tech) and an excellent number of weapons and gadgets. This game is the epitome of strategy and teamwork and that makes it much more rewarding and fun. Expect the usual Battlefield characteristics but in this instance exceeded expectations.

    I don't understand how some people reviewing here think MW3 has better graphics! I thought they were worse than Black Ops imo. Don't take some of these jokers' reviews seriously. If you want an arcade run n gun experience buy cod, but take a look at its reviews first, then realise you're making a mistake and buy BF3 like most other converts have.

    The new map pack of remakes has done the former titles proud. A must buy addition.

    BF3 over MW3
    360 over PS3
    (I own both)

  3.  MW2.5


    I couldn't agree more with the other reviews here. Reading through the reviews for both Xbox and PS3 I found one which said "bored within half hour online play" I had that exact feeling. I was shocked at the poor graphics and lack of innovation. 'Kill Confirmed' game mode a nice touch though.

    Yes we're playing on 6yr old tech but BF3 is far superior in all aspects. I know I'm comparing apples and oranges but CoD's had its day. Imo CoD4 is still the best out of the lot. MW2 went ott and this new release is just one big map pack.

    Do yourself a favour buy BF3 instead. It's probably for the more mature gamer but that's a good thing, no more mass muting of high pitched annoying voices.....*Select, X, X, X, X, X....*

  4.  Parappa the Rapper meets Se7en


    This title definitely did not disappoint. It's like an interactive movie where you play several different characters in an entwining storyline. The game puts the characters in situations where quick decision making is needed.

    The graphics are excellent and the voice acting is actually pretty good but it's the story that grips you and wins you over just to play 'one more' chapter. I found the controls slightly sluggish at times and there's little replay value after you unfold the story but this title is worthy of the 12.50/15 asking price. Failing that definitely rent it!

  5.  Nice and simple but disappointed...


    Ok it might be a bit harsh giving it only 3* but it's quite clear to me that this is a go-between. Another money making idea by EA to wet the appetite of those waiting for BF3. MOH to me is just to fill the gap.

    Campaign: Short and sweet. Not very hard on hard :/ I'm not saying I want to chore my way through a campaign like CoD:Waw on Vet (because that was rediculous) but a little challenge will suffice. Graphics struggle on the xbox sometimes with a bit of frame lag.

    Multiplayer: Not played extensively but good fun. Though it may not be everyone's thing I like the simplicity. No stupidness with care packages and nukes?! However, a bit more customisation wouldn't have gone a miss. I can't see longetivity in the game unless Dice decide to release new maps......actual new maps.....which wont happen.

    Overall: V nice visuals even better sound. Short game with little longevity.

  6.  3 stars...


    but that's being generous and mostly due to the graphics, which are second to none. The gamplay is fluid and the storyline is quite interesting but a little dilute. However the game is very repetitive. Agreeing with an earlier review after the first couple of levels the game starts to become a chore rather than entertaining.

    Not much replay value either unless you can be bothered to collect all the flags in the game, just to get achievements.

    In my opinion it's worth buying but not yet, wait until it's a classic or something.

  7.  Bargain!


    I don't know why some people slate this game. The free roam is brilliant and graphics are fantastic. People complain that it's too big but I don't think so. It really doesn't take that long to across the map especially with the bus service that's available (bit like the cabs in GTA4).

    The game does require skill and patience. It really isn't worth playing if you do not possess either of those attributes especially patience. The game isn't that diffucult, I'm quite happily progressing on 'infamous' difficulty just save frequently to avoid frustration.

    It does get a little repetitive but not on the same scale as Assassins Creed which was dreadful. It isn't the best FPS but at £18 it's definitely worth a shout.

  8.  Good but rushed


    Superb visuals but it isn't a touch on CoD4. I only gave it 3 stars because it was evident that the game was rushed or not given the care it was due due to the rediculously abundant number of glitches and 'invisible' walls in the game. However it won't stop you from wasting hours of your life sniping and blowing up tanks. Expect much of the same.

  9.  Top notch


    This game brings back a few memories! Although this time the graphics are much better and the finishing moves seem to be easier to pull off than previous installments. I do understand the frustration of some people with respect to the final boss, Seth. He is rediculously hard on easy and above but you can set the game to an even easier level in order to get all the characters so don't pay too much attention.

    Without a doubt as someone stated below button bashers will need to be bothered to practice and learn a few moves for the online play otherwise you will get frustrated and annoyed with the calibre of opponents online. I'm only ok at the game because I used to play SF2 on the Megadrive and rememeber some of the characters and their moves. For those who are new or the not so great at it, persist and you will have hours of fun I promise.

  10.  Static shooting...


    Still. Was big resi fan. I agree with weebob below. The demo had great visuals but sluggish controls and no walk/strafe & shoot. After 14 years it still hasn't evolved. Also is there a 180 button? No i don't want the game to be cod but seriously, static shooting is dumb and unrealistic. I point to dead space which didn't have that and it worked nicely.